Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A Tea Time Shower for G&N

First off, if you're a new reader of Talkative*TLC, welcome welcome! I am so happy to have you here. And to those of you who have been following along for a while now, I hope you know how much I love you. Seriously. (If you haven't entered yesterday's giveaway yet, get on it!)

Since Wednesdays are all about No Shop July this month, let's mix things up and chat about weddings. And not just any wedding, one of J's brothers is getting married! We had so much fun last year when J's older brother got married (here are a few glimpses), and now it's time for one of the younger boys to join the club. Did you catch all that - yep, J has 3 brothers....3! His mom has managed to make raising 4 boys look easy. Somehow I doubt it was though. Wild guess. ;)

So after 7+ years of dating - through high school, college, and now into their professional careers - Greg & Nat are tying the knot! I think we all knew they'd end up together from the start. They're just a great couple and compliment each other so well. I've feel very, very lucky to have ended up with the amazing sisters that have joined the family. It sounds silly to welcome Nat to the family since I've known her for so many years now, but I am so happy these two are sticking it out for the long haul together.

Here's a glimpse at a few of the gifts Greg and Nat were showered with. There were more lurking up the staircase behind me.

Guests were sent a recipe card with their invite to bring along. I absolutely love this idea and refer to the recipe book my mom made for my shower often. I shared my brie and fig crostini recipe with Nat. It's easy and always a crowd pleaser. Maybe I'll share it with you too...

Well Nat was moving at the speed of light with her gifts apparently. Whoops, she appears handless in this photo. Notice the herb pots behind Nat? Well those were the bridal shower game prizes. Isn't that a great idea?!

 I could have shared a photo with everyone looking at the camera...but I love this one the best. It's always nice to catch a lovebird gazing. 

 I missed a picture of lunch which was amazing and all homemade. But check out this dessert table. Also all homemade, and by one of Nat's bridesmaids at that! The cake was to die for.

And so weren't the cupcakes. I brought home a chocolate mint one for J and of course had to taste it. Thin mint cookie right there.

 The shower was hosted at the home of Greg's aunt and uncle. And they had fresh flowers placed just about everywhere. They were stunning.

My mother-in-law offered to take care of the favors. How sweet are these?! Natalie loves tea so they incorporated a tea theme to the favors. And there was freshly brewed iced tea offered as well. So good.

I hope you got everything you need to start out a life as husband and wife Greg and Nat. I can't tell you how excited I am to see you two marry in just over a month! 

xoxo, T

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