Monday, July 1, 2013

Chicago is for Lovers

Oh Monday, you always come too quick. Still waiting for the weekend where the days don't fly by and I feel refreshed come Monday. This will never happen.

I've deemed this week, let's talk about everything but home decor! Why? Well, there is just so much else to catch up on - I'm clearly failing in the fitness and food posts! - aaand, I have to take some new pictures around here still. But Sunday night at 9pm is just not the time to do it.

So, let's start this week off with a wedding recap. I can't believe this wedding was already two weeks ago. Like I said on Friday, time is just running me over these days. Here's a recap of our weekend in Chicago, but let's move on to the main event of our trip- Drew & Erin's wedding!

Drew and J met freshman year of college when they lived on the same floor. They hit it off immediately, and oddly enough so didn't their roommates. So what do Drew and J do? Move J's stuff across the hall to Drew's room, and Drew's roommates stuff into J's room. And this was without their consent of course. But hey, it all worked out. And J and Drew spent 3 of their 4 years of college living under the same roof. Through good times and bad, they've been there for each other. So we couldn't be happier that Drew has met the girl of his dreams.

 All cleaned up and ready to go!

 He must of have bad breath or something...

After a few curbside photos, we hopped in a shuttle over to the wedding venue - Germania Place. Just in time to see Drew roll out the white carpet for his bride to be!
The flowers at this wedding were stunning. Such bright colors.
 The JP for this wedding was the best man's father. Someone who has known Drew for the better part of 27 years. So sweet.

Incredible, right? Absolutely stunning dress, dramatic veil, and gorgeous flowers. 

 I think Drew's thanking his lucky stars here.

And they're wed! 

We headed off to the cocktail hour while the formal photos were shot. And you can't get all dressed up without getting at least one husband and wife photo!

 The gang's all here! (read in a heavy Boston accent)

Like I said, the flowers were amazing. I couldn't get over how pretty all the bright, bold colors looked together.

See what I mean?! Have you ever seen such an incredibly decorated cake?

Mr. & Mrs.!!

Pure joy right here. They had the biggest smiles on their faces all night long. It was just so sweet.

Guys, they served sorbet between appetizers (yes, plural appetizers :)  ) and the main course to cleanse your palet. Loved this touch!

Me & my man <3

This so much mushier than any photo I've ever posted to this blog. But I can't help it, I just love this photo! It usually takes a few tries to get J to cooperate in photos - he caught me off guard with this AND it was captured on camera. Just love how happy we are here.

The gang, nearing the end of the wedding

And lastly, what's a wedding without an after party?!

After a quick change out of heels, we headed out to the Vertigo Sky Lounge. After showing IDs at the door, you head 26 floors up to bar of all wall to wall windows. Such a cool view.

We had such a great weekend in Chicago. Not only was it so nice to see J's college friends, who haven't all been together since our wedding, but it was so nice to meet the girlfriends. And to hit it off so well with them! I miss them dearly. The next reunion better not be another 4 years away with this crew (although my liver might be happy with that).

Congratulations Drew & Erin! Wishing you a forever after.

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