Sunday, August 26, 2012

Morocco Wear

Friday, August 24, 2012


What a great way to end the week....with a ton of fun photobooth photos we've taken at some of the weddings this year.

I really wish I had considered one for my own wedding now. They are SO fun!!! There are basically no words to describe these photos so, enjoy!

 This one deserves some special attention because its HILARIOUS! Oh you crazy newlyweds. ;)

Have a great weekend! And take some funny photos with yo friends.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: Amelia & Billy

Wedding Wednesday is coming to you Thursday this week due to some internet issues...grrr...

Well, this is it. Our last wedding of the 2012 season. And let me tell you, it was such a FUN wedding to end with!

Amelia & Billy are friends of ours from home. It's crazy actually, Amelia & I grew up together. She was one of my first friends and I have soooo many memories of us through the years. And, J & Billy grew up together! A town over from us gals. Crazy, right? These two lovebirds have been together just as long as J & I have, close to a decade. I just love it.

The wedding was held at the Sapphire Estate. Call me bias if you want, but I just love this venue. It's the sister venue to where J & I held our reception and is simply beautiful. Although some may say that unfortunately due to rain the ceremony was held inside, I am such a believer in everything happens for a reason. It was by far the most intimate, romantic ceremony I've been to. With the lights dimmed just a touch and the guests seated closer to the bride & groom than we would have been at the outside ceremony you could FEEL the love and excitement.

Billy waiting for his bride!

I wasn't able to get a picture of Amelia walking down the aisle but she walked in with her dad to "The Book of Love" by Peter Gabriel. Waterworks immediately! Such a beautiful song.

The couple chose to write their own vows which were SO well written. And again, I truly believe the indoor, intimate setting made the vows stand out more. My emotions were all over the place, laughing & crying because both Amelia & Billy poked some fun at each other but also made sincere promises that had me trying not to ugly cry.

Now that they were officially married, it was time to celebrate! I am missing too many detail photos and am bummed about that. Amelia put some serious hardwork and crafting skills into this wedding and it did not go unnoticed.

And can we talk about the food?! I really can't tell you how excited I was about this venue because I knew we were going to have a great meal. We both cleaned our plates. The prime rib was seasoned perfectly. And beyond the main course, the appetizers I ate way more than I should have. But how do you say no to buffalo chicken bites, arancini, mac 'n cheese, etc.

Carrot & Red Velvet cupcakes. I had the red velvet. Delicious! And I loved their cake topper. In high school Amelia was a cheerleader and Billy played hockey so a cheering bride and a hockey groom were perfect.

Don't you love this Love Story board?! Great memories to remember.

Now that we're through the details, it's on to the celebration!

First dance as Mr. & Mrs. 

As I mentioned earlier, I've known Amelia for years. But how did we meet you ask? Most of you already know this I'm sure but either way, let's chat. Amelia's mom ran her own daycare at their home. I am SO lucky that my mom found this family when searching for a daycare for my sister and I. I have so so many memories growing up, surrounded by the best friends I could ask for. Sure we got each other in trouble at times, and fought like brothers and sisters even, but they are like a second family to me.

Look at these beautiful/handsome fellow daycare friends all grown up! 

And Amelia's dad, oh how I love this man. He would do everything he could to make us all laugh and keep us entertained. In the father daughter dance he spun Amelia around like a princess. It was so perfect.

I've mentioned it before, and I'll mention it again, friends forever.

We clean up nicely.

Pretty girls! I really am so lucky to have so many great (and gorgeous) friends from home still! And aren't the bridesmaids' dresses beautiful?! Love the peach, love the cut of the dresses, love these girls.

Another father-daughter dance!

Daycare may have been 20 years ago, but the bonds we made will certainly last a lifetime. 

Siblings! Although I get to see Amelia every year, I hadn't seen her siblings in a looong time. Flooded with memories instantly. Rich was certainly the big brother I never had growing up and Gen another sister. One who would do my hair though! 
Well this picture certainly sums up the dance floor. We had so much fun dancing all night. The DJ happened to be a good friend from high school and he was awesome. I would totally recommend him if you're looking for a DJ!
Love the lighting. Love the packed dance floor. Loved this wedding!

We had such a great time celebrating with all our friends. May there be many more friend weddings just like this!

Congratulations Amelia & Billy! We are so happy for the two of you & wish you a lifetime of love and laughter together. Love you both!
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