Friday, November 22, 2013

Fun Fact Friday 11.22.13

Happy Friday! Here's a glimpse of what's going on over here.

1. I'm feeling old, my youngest brother-in-law turns 21 tomorrow. 21! When J and I first started dating, I was checking the age groups on the back of board games for his birthday. He was turning 9... wow. He was 16 at our in the world is he 21?!

2. Birthday celebrations will take place at Foxwoods! You probably think I have a gambling problem seeing as I've already posted about this place twice this year (here/here & here)...whoops. I might...

3. We're heading to Charlotte for Thanksgiving early next week. How is it Thanksgiving already? A week off from work - don't mind if I do. :)

4. Did you miss any room tours this week? More to come!

5. I'm really looking forward to another Sunday with no plans. I think I see another movie in my future. Any suggestions? I never watch movies.

Have a fantastic weekend!
Tonight is my company's pre-holiday party - which is actually crazier than the holiday party! And tomorrow we're headed to the casino for birthday celebrations. Sunday will most definitely be a lazy day!

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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Living Room Updates

I can't quite call this one a reveal just yet. But there has been a ton of progress in our living room. It's the last room we've worked on. It's always been functional (except the fireplace), just not exactly our style.

We're working on it. It's getting there. And I think the finishing touches may happen over time - I'm totally cool with that.

A peak at the to-do list:
  • Paint walls - clean up the thousands of nail holes - after spending an hour cleaning up the paneling, walls were painted SW Ivory Lace
  • Paint ceiling and trim
  • Reupholster couch
  • Add an area rug - post here
  • Add shades and curtains
  • Hang art
  • Spray paint gold frame left from previous owner (moose print)
  • Upgrade coffee table
  • Arrange mantel
  • Get accent tables for the chairs
  • Add more greenery

As you can see, there's still a lot to do in this room. But just the upgrading paint color alone did wonders. I'll be keeping my eye out for accent tables, a new coffee table, window treatments, and greenery. But I'm in no rush. We're pretty mentally and financially exhausted from the past five months. We'll be hibernating for the next few.

Sources: Table lamps - Homegoods / End tables & couch - family / Coffee table - family / Moose Print - Society6 / Area Rug - Overstock / Chairs - Ikea / Floor lamp - Target / Mirror - Homegoods / Fiddle Fig - Ikea / Console table - Made by J

What do you think?
I'm thinking of upholstering the couch in something dark, navy perhaps? I'm thinking navy as the pop of bold color in this room. Possibly use it in the curtains too. And more creams/whites for sure too.

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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Master Bedroom Reveal

I've shared a few pictures of our bedroom already, I know. But mostly to showcase the carpentry finish work we've had to do. And remind myself of how far we've come....

It cracks me up to look back at the befores. At the time, I was a wide-eyed, ambitious, new home owner. But now I totally understand why some people, our parents, thought we were a bit crazy. If I'm being honest though, it really wasn't as bad of a process as it might look. We never felt too overwhelmed. Maybe we just got used to spending our weekends working on our home? I don't know. But if I had to do it again, I would. 

That's not to say we aren't pumped that it's done! Please, sitting on the couch Sunday, enjoying a cup of coffee, and catching Elf on TV...ya, that was awesome. And had yet to happen in the 5+ months since we moved. 

You might recognize these pictures from my old gallery wall in our condo (here). I love having these in our bedroom now. The curtains were an amazing deal from Kirklands, bamboo shades from Home Depot (I am a huge fan of the cordless ones).

We keep it simple with linens. White comforter, white knit blanket, white sheets. Sometimes I get crazy and put dark greys sheets on the bed. But white is easy. The coral pillows are covers I made a couple years ago & the purple pillow is a Homegoods find, also years ago. Repurposing items from our condo is the best! The throw at the end of the bed you may recognize from this post. It is so so soft. 

A post for another day (soon) but we finished the Ikea Rast night stands finally. Woo hoo! And those lamps are from Homegoods. I scrolled back up in this post to see if there was anything I missed. Of course there was....the huge mirror we have is also a purchase from....take a guess. Homegoods ftw. The berber rug with the mirror is from Building 19, the runner rug in the hall is from Target, and the shag rug under our bed is another Homegoods find. Can you tell we've had some luck in there? ha. No, they have no idea who I am. I wish.

Anyways, how'd we do with our to-do list?

  • Install floors - Installed Bruce solid hardwood planks in Oak - Saddle
  • Paint walls - Alpaca by Sherwin Williams
  • Paint ceilings - standard white ceiling paint from HomeDepot
  • Add baseboard molding, window trim - In process done!
  • Add door jam, trim, bi-fold doors to J's closet - carpentry work done, now on the lookout for the perfect door done!
  • Add trim, pocket door to my closet done!
  • Buy/refinish nightstands Ikea Rast nightstands ftw. done!
  • Mount TV done!
  • Add relaxed roman shades - example Went with bamboo shades instead, done!
  • Hang artwork, photos photos hung, but looking for something to hang above our bed still

This summer, I was getting mani/pedi's with my sister-in-law, prepping for weddings we both had. I remember saying how I couldn't wait to just feel settled. And we both agreed it probably wouldn't happen for a while. 

Well, it's happened! Hosting our housewarming party this past weekend really solidified how much work we've done and how little there's left (in terms of big projects). We'll be spending the rest of this year relaxing and enjoying our home. No mas projects! for now...

What do you think?
I'm in no rush really, but I'd love to add some artwork above our bed. I'm also trying to figure out what to do with the rest of our room - by the mirror. Eventually I will probably put a nice chair over there but who knows. Any suggestions? 

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Monday, November 18, 2013

Guest Bedroom Reveal

I'm back! Not 100% refreshed just yet but getting there. It was one hell of a week over here. All leading up to a housewarming party in our new home this past Saturday. I couldn't be happier with everything we accomplished leading up to the event, or how many great family and friends came over. 

Now that they've had a chance to take a peak at our progress, I'm excited to share more of it on the blog. First up, our guest bedroom. Remember where we started? It's hard to believe it these days!

By July when I shared our to-do list, the guest room was looking a little better...

And, today.

The guestroom got finished last week, finally! It felt so strange, and so great(!), to walk by our guestroom and see furniture in there. 
  • Install finished floors - Installed Bruce solid hardwood planks in Oak - Saddle
  • Paint walls - Westhighland White by Sherwin Williams
  • Paint trim - standard white trim paint from Lowes
  • Paint ceiling - standard white ceiling paint from HomeDepot
  • Add an area rug - very, very happy with this one
  • Add window treatments of some sort
  • Add a bedframe, night stands, bureau inherited from family
  • Add a ceiling fan installed last Friday
  • Hang artwork and a mirror Artwork - Michaels / Mirror - family
  • Create a closet space, currently not even a hanging rod

Doing pretty good with the to-do list if I do say so myself. As mentioned above, all of the furniture was inherited from family, my grandparent's house to be specific. We are incredibly grateful for this.

Since the bed frame was from the 1950's, or earlier, its box spring was ancient. But without it, there were no support slats across the bed frame. Post for another day, but we spent a night cutting new slats to fit the bed frame. I am in love with this spool bed.

The artwork in this room is so simple and I love it. These were clearance posters at Michaels, $3 each. As I scanned the aisles of poster size frames, nothing caught my eye. They were way too bulky for the space. Until I stumbled upon these $2.50 poster hangers. They're nothing special really, but also perfect. You know what they're similar to? Those plastic clips you'd slide over a book report back in the day. Nice and light weight. 

On the bed you might notice two printed pictures. We made a point to print out the disasterous before photos in many of the rooms to showcase the works we've done over the past few months, aka justify our delayed party.

What do you think?
The bed linens are from Homegoods, blanket from Ikea, and my mom made the knit throw. I'd love to add in some color/patterns to the bed next. Any suggestions?

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Treading Water

Just popping in to say hello! 

I need to take a break from blogging this week....we're hosting some family and friends this coming weekend so in true Tracey fashion, I've loaded up my to-get-done list. And then decided I wanted to get the living room and family room painted too. Oh yes, nothing like a little pressure! And some late nights...

I have so many house updates to share in the coming weeks. But have decided to keep them off the blog until our family and close friends get the first glimpses this weekend (plus I just don't have the time right now to share).

Here's one sneak peek....the nightstands! We went with option 3 from this post. In the essence of time, keeping the frame of the nightstands as is was the most logical choice. And we're totally in love with the finish! 

Have a great rest of the week. See you Monday!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Fun Fact Friday 11.08.13

Warning - it's a no picture kind of is it Friday?!

Better yet, is it me or is anyone else still having the hardest time grasping the fact that it's already November? People are already starting their Christmas shopping? Insanity. This year flew by like none other, I guess I just need to accept it. But my head is still spinning at the fact that Christmas is so close (secretly pretty excited to decorate the new house for it though...)

In a week that was pretty much a whirlwind, what do I have to share with you? Hmm. Good question! Here's a few glimpses into this week, as well as some great links I've found. 

1.  Sunday I bought a package of 4 chicken breasts and put them all right into the slow cooker. Added a diced onion, salt & pepper, garlic powder, and enough water to just cover the chicken. I set it on low for 6 hours and then shredded it all. Best decision ever. There is so much you can do with plain shredded chicken- BBQ pulled chicken, buffalo chicken, soft tacos, etc. I even used the foodsaver on some and froze it for a future use. Frozen meals that are already cooked = best time saver ever.

2. J and I started Insanity this week. It's intense! I hated it Wednesday, but then loved it Thursday...weird. Hoping to tone up a bit, maybe lose a few pounds before the Holidays- my weakness! And perfect timing, Lindsey did a write up yesterday with her thoughts on this exercise program. We're also loosely following the meal plan. We have quickly fallen for these delish protein packed pancakes (which taste like French toast if you ask me). 

3. And the number one reason I agreed to partake in Insanity workouts at 5 darling husband. If you haven't already ready this article, it certainly puts things in perspective. Like when your husband decides he'd rather get healthy in a natural form (i.e. diet & exercise) than take medication, but needs your support. This guy supports me through thick and thin, so yes I will do Insanity just for him. 

4. Here's another fun article I came across this week. These things are important! If you're married or live with your significant other, which of these did you discuss? Though J & I didn't have a serious discussion about many of these, they seemed understood. Or we agreed that one of us had a better method and went with it. J owns the "way" the dish washer should be filled....

5. And one more fun little list. This person for me? I think there are a few. Hands down, my big sis for #1. And #2-#6 would be my best girlfriends for sure. Thank goodness for these ladies!

Oh, and insider scoop - 40% off Sherwin-Williams paint for preferred guests (it's easy, all they need is an email address). We'll be there!

I hope you have a fantastic weekend! 
We've got some home project lined up over here, no surprise there. If you haven't already left your opinion on the nightstands, I'd so appreciate your help!

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Thursday, November 7, 2013

DIY Time: Nightstands

Within a few weeks of moving we purchased nightstands for our bedroom. Those nightstands were the ever famous Ikea Rast and embarrassingly enough, they still stand unfinished. They function quite well as is!

But they're an eyesore. And they've been on the to-do list for far too long. Don't judge - renovating a bathroom, painting trim, painting walls, etc were just a tad more important. But it's time we start finishing up the smaller projects.

I've gone as far as purchasing wood conditioner, stain, and poly. Yet these nightstands are still unfinished! Somebody send me some motivation puh-lease.

Here are a few ideas I have for the nightstands. I can't make up my mind. What do you think?

1. What I'm currently thinking (with Miniwax's new Honey colored stain - a little lighter than Jacobean)
2. What caught my eye a couple months ago (I even bought the burlap)

3. My original inspiration, and much easier than the first 2 options
4. Or go with color? How fun is this?!

Help! I must make a decision this week and get these nightstand finished this weekend. Don't even get me started on hardware, that's another can of worms. So many options!

But it's time to check #46 off the 101 in 1001 list.

Which makeover would you undertake?

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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Gallery Wall Idea: Framed Art

Ever since I saw this article, I've got framed art on the mind. Isn't it amazing?!

Source: Katherine Frey, The Washington Post

What I love about this photo:
  • The gold frames
  • Fresh white walls
  • Different size mats
  • The frames are not in a neat, orderly pattern
  • The art isn't bold

All of the frames are filled with pages from a book. Genius! That makes re-creating a similar gallery much more affordable. I could browse Etsy for days, but at $15-$20 per picture, it adds up real quick. So I looked up the Da'Vinci book Lauren used above and for $14 off Amazon, you've got yourself plenty of options!

We actually snagged a beautiful book of Goya's art from my Grandparents house. Part of me thought, perfect let's use that! But honestly, it's just seems too nice to tear up. And something I'm really drawn to above are the muted colors....not so much with Goya's work.

You might be thinking well even if you save on the art, what about the frames? Couldn't agree more. Frames can add up too. So my plan? Coupons. If you don't already get e-mails from Michaels (and live near one), what's wrong with you? Sign up! I swear, every weekend I get a new e-mail coupon for up to 55% off one item (they'll scan the coupon on your phone at the register). And every time you purchase something, they give you a 40% coupon for your next visit. It's pretty ridiculous if you ask me. So I'll be watching the coupons and sales, and spreading my frame purchases over a few weekends in order to get them a cheap as possible. The Christmas Tree Shop is another great, affordable option for frames. I've been able to purchase separate mats at both stores so I'll definitely be on the lookout for those too. I absolutely love the extra large mats in some of the frames above! And if I decide I want to stick with gold frames, no biggie. A can of spray paint will surely do the trick.

What do you think? Are you on board with a gallery wall filled with art? 
 I sent the link above to J one afternoon for his opinion and got the thumbs up. While we don't have a staircase like this in our home, I'm sure I'll find somewhere to hang a similar gallery wall.

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Friday, November 1, 2013

Fun Fact Friday 11.01.13

Happy Friday! This week was looong. Mainly due to late Red Sox games but hey, totally worth it. (#cityofchamps). We didn't get a single trick-or-treater last night. Not one. I can't say I'm surprised, it's so dark in our neck of the woods, but it would have been fun!

I've only got 4 facts for you this week. Take it or leave it.

1. Shipyard pumpkin, you are delish. But only one or two, then you're too sweet. Like our new Nate Berkus runner rug? Target sales are the best. Best part, that you can't see, is that the rug actually helps hide Tucker hairs since there is white yarn mixed throughout the black wool portion of the rug.

2. This happened on Sunday. And it was amazing. Thank you darling husband, this was much needed after back to back late nights!

3. More puppy snuggles. He's the sweetest.

4. We bought a car! Our first car at that. Yes, I'm in my late 20's and was still hanging on to my college car. But when that college car sold on Craigslist in less than 24 hours (for cash!) we were in a pinch sooner than we thought we'd be. I'm in looove. If you've been reading for a while, you may recognize this car (here). Don't judge me on my gas guzzler, I drive maybe 30 miles/week.

Ok, I lied. 1 more fact.

5. I am so grateful for good friends. I've know some of these lovely ladies since the ripe age of 2, others by 6. How did I get so lucky?! Drinks on Friday night to celebrate a birthday!

Any weekend plans?
We're heading to a wine tasting event in the city tomorrow (here's last year's recap). And I'm sure there will be a few home projects - painting the master bathroom for one!

Have a fantastic weekend!

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