Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Lucky Ladies

Last weekend I had the opportunity to celebrate a dear friends last single days. Similar to my story yesterday about J's college roommates, Natalie and I met at freshman orientation and decided we were both normal fun enough to room together. We ended up rooming together, and with others, for all 4 years and had sooo much fun. Oh the memories. Somebody bring me back to college please. Wait, nevermind...

We met up at Foxwoods Casino for the night and had such a blast. I haven't danced, in heels mind you (!), until the early hours of the morning in forever. Yea, my feet were killing me by the end of the night. 

After spending the afternoon at the on-site spa/salon (I had my hair washed/blow dried), we got ready in the hotel rooms before heading to dinner. Of course that included a few beverages and games. :)

Gorgeous bride-to-be!

Cheers to Nat!

Nat and her sister/MOH. 

 Next up was dinner at the Hard Rock. Celebrity status folks.

Smallest world ever. We were seated next to a bachelor party....a bachelor party where the bachelor is from my hometown! AND he want to the same college as J. So I ended up knowing most of the guys from either home, or J's years playing college soccer. And that meant I needed to behave myself. ;)

After a bit of gambling, aka losing money, we headed to the Scorpion Bar to dance.

 Homegirls. All such beauties.

Some good lookin ladies right there.

And all these fellas are from my town. Some I've known forever, some I "dated" back in elementary school and jr high. Remember those relationships? Ha! All, great guys.

So what do you do when you meet up with a group of guy friends on a bachelor party? Start a dance circle! This was so much fun (great call K!). Spin the bottle, and get in the middle and dance. I think all of us girls were happy to find a group of guys who weren't trying to creep on us. Man, guys can be ridiculous sometimes!

Before we knew it, the bar was closing and we had to leave. Boo! But we were having so much fun!

I think we successfully gave Nat a drink or two too many (in a good way!), lost our voices, limped back to the room with sore feet, and then headed back out to the casino! ha. C'mon, nobody sleeps at casinos.

I hope you had an amazing night Nat! I can't wait to celebrate the big day (so soon! ahh!!).

Reminder - tomorrow is the first No Shop July Challenge outfit remix link up! Check out my no shop challenge rules here! I look forward to seeing what you come up by shopping your own closet!

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