Friday, July 26, 2013

Fun Fact Friday 07.26.13

It's amazing what taking time to refocus can do for me. I realize it's only been a couple days but I feel refreshed. Just what I needed.

I've known this week was going to be crazy for quite some time now but it still snuck up on me. They always do. Back to back concerts was a bit aggressive. But also awesome. Two totally different artists and venues but both unbelievable shows.

1. Beyonce Tuesday night at the TD Garden with college girlfriends.

2. Imagine Dragons Wednesday night at the Bank of America Pavilion with J and friends.

3. Puppy sitting through Saturday. I'm working from home today (and yesterday) in order to watch my dog-nephew Bruce. I brought out Tucker's travel bed because its inexpensive and I didn't care if Bruce's puppy teeth tore into it. Smart man Bruce - this thing is comfortable! I've been able to get more work done than I anticipated thanks to the multitude of naps Tucker and Bruce have been taking.

4. A weekend with very little plans over here! Sometimes when I realize this, I make an overly ambitious to-do list. This is the start of the list. What do you think? Can I do it?!

5. We are heading to a local wine festival Sunday afternoon. I'm always curious to see what types of wines can be made locally. Sadly, none tend to compare to Napa and Sonoma. But, I am always up for wine tastings! :)

What are your plans this weekend?? It's raining here in Boston today which is a nice relief from the recent heatwaves. But I'm hoping to fit in a little pool time this weekend. 

Have a fantastic weekend!

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  1. How were the Imagine Dragons live? I feel like that would be an awesome concert!!

    I do the same thing...if there's ever a low-key weekend, my to-do list is crazy long. Good luck tackling it!

  2. This is totally the wrong post on which to comment so please forgive this but I've been a reader since earlier this year when I was new to South Boston and found your blog. I came to your blog today to see if you had written anything about the young Bentley grad that was killed in South Boston. Where she lived is the area my husband and I always pass on the way to take our dog to Thomas Park. I'm going to participate in the free self defense classes being offered in Southie as a result but was just curious as to your take on crime in the area since you lived there for awhile. I love South Boston and you've been a great resource so thanks for being an enjoyable read.

    1. Hi Lauren - thanks for reading and for leaving this message. I'm so sadden by the news. I lived about 2 blocks from where Amy lived and am in shock by this violent, tragic event. When we first moved to Southie I definitely had moments where I was nervous outside by myself, mainly due to my own paranoia. But that quickly went away and I can't say I ever felt completely unsafe. Especially mornings when I walked to/from the gym, and in the area near Thomas Park. Other areas of Southie certainly had me a little more concerned but nowhere near the park. Which means there were many times where my guard was down - not good. I am really happy to hear they are offering self defense classes and that you are taking advantage of it. I think most of us young professionals in the area got very comfortable with how fun and unique Southie is. You almost forget you're still living within a city, and that there are many people not happy with the changes.
      Overall, I still feel like Southie is a safe area of the city and I love the additional perks you get living there - dog parks, beaches, etc. So I hope this doesn't make you want to move. But again, I think it is a great idea to take a self defense class, no matter where you live really, and am happy to hear the community is offering them for free.

      I hope you have a great weekend.



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