Friday, July 12, 2013

Fun Fact Friday 07.12.13

It's always nice to have a long weekend, isn't it? I decided to take Friday off from work to make it an extra long weekend. We needed it. We were able to get so much done at the house, enjoy time by the pool, enjoy time out with friends, and even ended our weekend with a family dinner. So although this past week hasn't been all that exciting, here's what our weekend looked like:

1. Our first dinner party - Yes, we've had people over and even hosted a July 4th cookout, but Sunday was our first real dinner party. And of course, the first dinner party went to the parents. I happened to pick up a Williams-Sonoma grilling book more than 2 years ago at Homegoods and sadly, we'd never used it. That is all changing! Their grilled pork chop recipe was to die for. Maybe it was just that J cooked them perfectly, not sure. Either way - they were a big hit!

2. Ugh, we thought we had hit the door jackpot. Not 2, but 3 of these solid doors for $45 each! Seriously?!! These tend to run more than $150 each, sooo three for $135 was too good to be true. What happened? We measured an unfinished door way, and had no idea how thick a door jam was until we picked one up on our way home. Womp womp. The doors went back, but we will be checking this store regularly!

3. Current front runner for the master bathroom faucets. Really the only runner right now. We finally stopped by a local plumbing store recommended to us by both sets of parents, I mean who else can we trust?! Saw this faucet and proceeded to find something wrong with every other one. Love these, want these, of course they're pricey. But honestly, what bathroom fixture isn't?! Ugh.

4. Remember how I said we got things done around the house? That includes the yard. We did it, we spent about 6 hours between Saturday and Sunday cleaning up parts of the yard. Check out the weeds before and after. What a difference. It was J & I out there Saturday, my mom and I out there Sunday and I am so so thankful for both of their help! Too bad we have a few more beds to weed....who's gonna help?!

5. Ah, thank goodness for our pool! It was so nice to jump in the pool after getting things done during the crazy heatwave last weekend.

That's all I've got for this week. 

Any weekend plans?
I'm planning to hit up my first estate sale (thanks for the great idea C!), get some cleaning done, and maybe tackle some small projects around the house.

Have a fantastic weekend!

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  1. I love dinner parties, looks like you did a great with that pork (i'm always too nervous to cook pork, I feel like it dries out fast). Too bad about the doors, at least you tried though. stopping by from Fri. Fav.s. Have a great weekend!


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