Monday, July 8, 2013

Home Tour: The To-Do List

This is the post I've been putting off writing. There are just so many things to do over here. But I think writing it down may help us check things off the list more quickly. Or at least, I really hope so.

This is a list of the big items in every room. If I listed out every single thing that needs to get done, you'd be reading all day.

Grab a coffee/tea/water/etc and be prepared for one lengthy post. Here are pictures of our house as it stands one month in and our current to-do list. Oh and I warn you, these are not the greatest photos....I'm working on that:


  • Paint walls - currently thinking Benjamin Moore Muslin
  • Paint trim
  • Regrout tile floor - phase 1
  • Replace floors - phase 2
  • Possibly paint cabinets - phase 2
  • Replace door to basement (and get rid of the cat door)
  • Add barstools - done. Absolutely love these barstools
  • Add floormats for in front of sink and stove top
  • Add rug for in front of french doors - purchased this one and its working out great
  • Hang valance or roman shade
  • Add storage unit, setup welcome spot - this shoe bin is working out so well
  • Paint using kitchen paint
  • Replace floors - phase 2
  • Replace screen door - current one is crooked, lets bugs in
Dining Room
  • Paint walls - will carry kitchen color into dining room, but possibly at a darker tint
  • Add dining room set - Craigslist find!
    • reupholster dining room chairs
    • Paint dining room chairs possibly. Thinking white
    • Add two new end chairs - upholstered in same fabric as seats of other chairs
  • Add sideboard/storage unit - IKEA Besta storage unit
  • Hang curtains - Homegoods find
  • Add a rug - probably natural fiber
  • Hang artwork/mirror/photos
Family Room
  • Paint walls
  • Hang bamboo shades - very happy with these ones
  • Hang curtains/make curtains
  • Add a sitting area, possibly floor to ceiling bookcases
  • Rip up rug, add hardwood flooring
  • Add large area rug - probably natural fiber
  • Mount TV
  • Create a gallery wall
Living Room
  • Paint walls - clean up the thousands of nail holes
  • Paint ceiling and trim
  • Reupholster couch
  • Add an area rug
  • Add shades and curtains
  • Hang art
  • Build new desk area - large, wall to wall desk
  • Paint walls - currently planning on Crisp Romaine by Benjamin Moore
  • Paint ceiling and trim
  • Add office chairs
  • Add roman shades
  • Hang art
Guest Bedroom

  • Install finished floors - Installed Bruce solid hardwood planks in Oak - Saddle
  • Paint walls - Westhighland White by Sherwin Williams
  • Paint trim - standard white trim paint from Lowes
  • Paint ceiling - standard white ceiling paint from HomeDepot
  • Add an area rug - very, very happy with this one
  • Add window treatments of some sort
  • Add a bedframe, night stands, bureau
  • Add a ceiling fan
  • Hang artwork and a mirror
  • Create a closet space, currently not even a hanging rod
Spare Bedroom
  • Install floorsInstalled Bruce solid hardwood planks in Oak - Saddle
  • Paint walls
  • Paint ceilingsstandard white ceiling paint from HomeDepot
  • Add baseboard molding, window trim
  • Paint said baseboards and trim
  • Paint closet
  • Add roman shades
  • Set-up a fitness/exercise area - phase 1
  • Hang a mirror and artwork. Thinking something using clipboards for the exercise area (like this)
  • Set-up a nursery - phase 2
  • Not planning to spend a dime on this space until we're able to gut it and renovate - ideas shared here
Master Bedroom
  • Install floors - Installed Bruce solid hardwood planks in Oak - Saddle
  • Paint walls - Alpaca by Sherwin Williams
  • Paint ceilingsstandard white ceiling paint from HomeDepot
  • Add basboard molding, window trim - In process
  • Add door jam, trim, bi-fold doors to J's closet - carpentry work done, now on the lookout for the perfect door
  • Add trim, pocket door to my closet
  • Buy/refinish nightstands - Ikea Rast nightstands ftw.
  • Mount TV
  • Add relaxed roman shades - example
  • Hang artwork, photos
Master Bathroom
  • Get quotes for work
  • Hire contractor
  • Choose floor tile, shower wall tiles, shower floor tiles
  • Choose double vanity
  • Choose countertop
  • Choose faucets and shower hardware
  • Paint walls
My closet
  • Create a more organized space
  • Paint walls, add stencil or wallpaper possibly
  • Install baseboards - In process
  • Add drawer storage
  • Add shoe storage
  • Add a small, bold area rug
  • Move bureau into closet space

Not so bad right? Ha. We're getting there. Slowly but surely. I mean, remember what our bedrooms looked like on day 1 (here)?

There has definitely been some progress! 

But just making this list exhausts me. So much to do. I'm sure these lists will change with time, and smaller, more specific ideas will  get added, but here's our start. And I will definitely share progress pictures as we go.

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  1. that's a long list, but you guys have done a great job making it your own already, and broken it in with a party too!

    where is the blanket on your bed from? we're looking for a lightweight blanket for summer.

  2. Stopping by from the Blog Train:) Good Luck with your redecorating:) Lynn @ Turnips 2 Tangerines

  3. It's looking good so far! Didn't you just move? I'm impressed! I love house tours so I can't wait to see finished design!

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