Friday, July 19, 2013

Fun Fact Friday 07.19.13

Cheers to another Friday friends! We made it. And what a week it has been over here! Let's just say I know who to call when something happens...MY DAD!

Here's today's facts:

1. For my own personal safety, I've waited to share the fact that J has been on vacation all week. Yep, man trip to Montana for fly fishing. 8 nights. 8 nights! First night the dishwasher breaks. Second, third, fourth nights the fire alarms go off from time to time. Fourth night, come home to a puddle of water in front of the brand new refrigerator and under some of the kitchen tiles. Ughhh. There were a few tears by this point. Dad fixed the dishwasher Sunday, the fridge Wednesday, came back Wednesday to bring me an AC unit and dinner, and took Tucker on vacation with him on Thursday. What a guy I tell ya!

2. My sister's here!!! One more time, my sisters here!!! I didn't realize how long it had been since I saw her pretty face in person. Too long!

3. Last weekend I went to my first estate sale. We had so much fun looking through everything so we quickly looked up more yard sales/estate sales and continued on shopping. Totally checking these out more often. Even if just for bookshelf filler, frames, etc - can't beat $1 finds!

4. Pictures like this melt my heart. I am so incredibly happy in our new home, but I think someone else may be even happier ( I mean c'mon, he doesn't even have to pay rent).

5. I am obsessed with watermelon lately. It is just so good! I had actually never had it in a salad until recently and am now hooked. A word of advice - when choosing a watermelon that's been cut in half or quartered, choose the one that's cracked. Yes, choose the ugly not so perfect one. A very good friend told me this years ago and it has never, ever failed me. It is always the perfect texture and flavor. I promise you, you won't be disappointed.

6. As you read this, Jackie and I are making our way up to Maine! Wahoo. There may be a stop at the Crate & Barrel Outlet scheduled, and lunch with a great friend, but eventually we'll be ending our day at our parents new place way up in the woods. We're so happy that they finally did it, bought their dream vacation home. Hey, we're both married off now, why not?! :)

Have a fantastic weekend!

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  1. Hi!! Visiting from H54F! Estate Sale-ing is my favorite! Best finds ever :)

    Justine @

  2. Good to know on the cracked watermelon! I always pass those ones up, I'll have to test it out this weekend!


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