Friday, July 22, 2016

Baby C2 - 35/36 weeks

Most likely, this is going to be my last update before baby boy makes his debut. 36 weeks down, 4ish to go come Monday. How in the world did we get here?!

I think I'm in a bit of denial on just how much life is going to change with 2 babies next month. I can only rely on my experience with L as a baby right now, and I'd take that again in a heartbeat. I'm stupidly building a mental to-do list of all the things I'd love to get done while I'm home. Because I'm going to have so much free time.....right.

35 weeks!

What I can say is that for those of you pregnant with your first baby, or home with your first baby - cherish it! Take those naps! I didn't factor in raising a toddler when thinking about pregnancy #2. And honestly, right now that is my biggest deterrent to more babies (I know this is a temporary feeling stemming from my current level of exhaustion). I've hit a wall recently, which the heat and our crazy schedule are definitely factoring into. And it's frustrating.

35 weeks @ a gorgeous wedding. (Love this dress! Size down...)

Um what a difference in our deck since Baby C updates! Same bump size though?
Can we talk about how long my hair is getting?!! I've been growing it out since finding out we were expecting for easy ponytails and buns. And training it to go longer between 3 hair above. The curling wand is my best friend and so won't my Patriots hat be come fall.

Anyways, enough rambling. Here's the latest scoop on pregnancy with Baby C2.

Cravings/Aversions: Really no changes here since my last update. Still all about cold drinks, fruits, ice cream. And no desire to cook so many nights of cereal if J isn't home. However, I did get sucked into the Instant Potcraze on Prime Day. And I will say, so far this thing is awesome! We've only made a few meals in it but they have been so easy to throw together, it doesn't heat the kitchen up, and I don't need to stand there and cook. Win. win. win.

What 36 weeks really feels like:

I will start by saying, I really cannot complain about either pregnancies I've experienced. The minor issues I've had have been just that, minor. And for that, I am so grateful! But I'm still going to gripe a little ok? Thanks. :)

  • Rib pain/tingling sensation at the very bottom of my ribs, top of where my baby bump starts. In the EXACT same spot as my last pregnancy. And just as annoying/itchy. Silly me for thinking I may not experience it carrying a boy lower.
  • Omg my feet. Suddenly, they are balloons every night if I don't move around enough. It's awful. Damn heat. (Check out those puppies above...yikes)
  • But at the same time, no more walks. This past Wednesday was L's 2nd birthday and we started the day with a quick family walk. Not fast and not far, but I had hip pain and discomfort the rest of the day. I don't have these issues when weight training so I'll plan to stick with that.
  • Filling up very fast, but also always hungry. ugh. 
  • Braxton hicks contractions often - no cause for concern. Bending to pick things up is the biggest culprit really, but try not doing that while raising a toddler. Ya, no. My stomach turns rock hard for a few seconds and then we're back to normal. 
  • Exhausted. Up 2-4 times a night between bathroom runs and leg cramps. It's a miracle if I'm in bed before 10 pm and sleeping later than 5:30/6 am.
It's bugging me how purple Jay's shirt looks in these pics! It was white, trust me.

What's on our to-do list:
    • Pack the hospital bags and install the car seat. I cannot believe we've reached this point. 
    • Clean out the guest room closet and add in a closet system for L. Currently thinking the PAX system from IKEA but of course our ceiling height is between the 2 options they have...and the shorter one is just too short, ugh. Jay might be hacking this one a little bit so that it works. Closet is cleaned out, painted, and the PAX system installed. I have to say, it's pretty amazing. Of course my 2 yr old would have the best closet in the house...


    • Purchasing L's new convertible crib and getting her big girl room set-up. I have some floral fabric I am using as the colors for her room - similar to this with some touches of purple too. Well, the crib has been purchased...but L figured out how to climb out of her current crib this past weekend! Yes, while J was away of course. And yes, after our current video monitor decided to sh*t the bed on me. Nothing like hearing little footsteps and a should be napping L saunter into your room. So now we're figuring out plan B over here....I think we'll be cutting down the legs on the amazing spool bed we inherited (it is super high off the ground!). I've always envisioned it in her big girl room, just didn't realize that would be happening so soon! Update: L has successfully transitioned to a full size bed with no issues. I can't believe it! She is doing so well in her new big girl room! (which is not even close to being decorated...). Turning the frame into a platform and removing the box spring did just the trick in bringing the height of the bed down. Phew!
        • Repainting the nursery and add a few "boy" personal touches. Currently thinking greens, natural woods, nature-themed (with at least 1 fishing reference for J's sake). Love the idea of something like this. Update: the nursery has been painted in BM Louisburg Green (at 25%). The furniture has been moved into place, fabric purchased for the rail guard, and now its time to decorate! Can someone make me this sign please?
        • Picking out/purchasing a double stroller (currently leaning towards the GT City Mini Double - good?!), a second monitor, and a few odds & ends I've been adding to an Amazon registry (for the completion discount) - we are definitely getting a bottle sterilizer this time around! Update: We are loving our new monitor and came home to quite the surprise recently - our double stroller! We have the best 2 sets of parents around I tell ya! Amazon Prime Day had some great deals on the diaper backpack I was eyeing, humidifiers, and diapers...and then got me with a Bravado nursing bra sale and a review on the Milk Snob covers had me hitting purchase before I knew we had many boxes show up at our house last week. My nesting so far is coming out in the form of stocking up.

        After 5 weekends of nonstop plans and long days/nights, we will be enjoying the rest of our summer home and eventually on baby watch. I am currently planning to work up until my due date with a few days off here or there for time with Lucie and a much needed spa day with my mom. And since we recently finalized baby boys name, I went ahead and ordered his custom thank you notes. Couldn't resist! But no, we will not be sharing it until he's here. :)

        Wish me luck!

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