Thursday, May 1, 2014

Baby C - 28 Weeks

I am SO overdue for a baby update! My original goal was once every 4 weeks figuring that especially in the beginning, not much changed week to week. And then I missed the 24 week update and have somehow landed at 28 weeks without even blinking. Third trimester people! Ah!

Seriously, by all accounts and measures, we're in the third trimester over here and I may be silently freaking out. Definitely not ready for Baby C to make his/her appearance just yet.

These pictures were actually taken at 27 weeks but I figure you won't be too upset about that. I just can't seem to find the time on weekends lately so we'll have to go with artificial light this time.

Wednesday nights I've been taking prenatal yoga and feel the most pregnant, mama-ish, ready, and even just beautiful after. I'm relaxed, I've just spent an hour with other mamas-to-be, and the best way to describe it is that I just feel good all around. Excited. And definitely connected to the little love that continues to grow inside of me.

So let me throw some stats/info at you:

Size: Baby is currently the size of an eggplant/head of cauliflower/head of lettuce depending on which app I'm looking at. He/she is weighing in around 2.2 - 2.5 lbs and is 14-16 inches long.

Weight gain: around 23 weight gain spiked a little since my last OB visit and I'm not going to lie, it's kind of driving me insane. Mostly because I have no idea where that much weight is going! I do notice my thighs are getting bigger but everything seems to still fit the same way it did weeks ago. And 20 lbs in just my legs would be a bit absurd. So who knows. Thankfully, my doctors are not concerned in the least bit. And I guess knowing that both my mom and her mom gained a lot of weight in pregnancies, it's basically bound to happen to me too.

Cravings: Fresh fruit. Give me all the fruit salad. And soft-serve ice cream. This is thought about daily....not necessarily indulged in daily but man is it on the forefront of my mind quite often. Iced coffee too...I could drink it all day. Don't worry, I don't. But I seriously could.

Aversions: Hmm...I think the most noticeable for me is that I could do without salty foods lately. Part of it might be because I've been traveling to warmer climates and wanting fresher foods but who knows.

Belly button is still in. For's getting precariously close to becoming an outie. :)

Missing Most: My sister asked me this question last weekend and I thought it was a good one. I felt like I needed to think about it for a minute but J answered her right away for me. Maybe I complain much? Ha. Anyways, for the first half of pregnancy I'd say wine was at the top of the list. Yup, call me an alcoholic if you feel so inclined, but I do love a good glass of wine or two often.... But guess what, I don't really miss it all that much at this point. Yes, to all you ladies out there who've said, I don't know what I'll do without wine - you will survive. I am a survivor here. And overtime, the  craving/need goes away.

Anyways, today what I miss most is a hard workout. I am so limited in what I can do for a workout before I'm in pain or out of breath, plus it's important not to let your heart rate rise too high or get overheated. I'm really grateful I was able to run as long as I could but would have loved to have continued to do so. I so look forward to the day I'm cleared for a good run. And I pray that once that happens, all of the pain I'm currently experiencing will have subsided. Otherwise, there will definitely be tears. Lots of them. Yoga has been a great stress-reliever but nothing will replace a good run. It's like a good cry if you know what I mean.

What 28 weeks feels like (really): I've thought about this a lot lately. No matter what, when asked how I'm feeling, I respond with "great!" And really, things are going well for me. The biggest reason being that I know they could be way worse. But here's what being 28 weeks really feels like:

  • Too much sodium or not enough movement during the day cause my ankles to swell up
  • Intense/annoying pain in my lower right ribs, mostly on the front side but recently spreading to the back - the worst when sitting, especially on a couch. Flying has been fun...
  • But trying to sit with a tiny arch in my back to straighten out my rib area just causes lower back pain
  • Don't even think about picking up the pace more than a moderate walk because - 
    • it begins to feel like I've been kicked {hard} between the legs, and my hips start to hurt
    • I am totally out of breath before I'd ever anticipate
  • Constantly need to use the restroom.
  • Be careful when laughing, sneezing, coughing, even if you've just emptied your bladder (or so you think).....ya it's happened
  • It is getting harder and harder to laugh! Omg I can't breathe.
  • Wore a pre-pregnancy strapless bra to the horse races last weekend, worst idea ever. Oh the rib pain.
  • Random, intense pain as the round ligaments surrounding the uterus stretch out.
  • A full feeling that tends to linger and feel as though you've been punched in the stomach at times. Especially if you need to bend over, roll over, move too fast.
  • Abs feel like they've had a great workout lately...but I think they're just getting real stretched out.
Don't worry, that uncovered outlet will be taken care of before he/she is here....

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