101 in 1001

You can find a little more background information here, but this is my 101 things to do in the next 1001 days, starting August 16, 2013. By the time this list ends, I will have reached my 30's. Follow along, and keep me on track!

101 in 1001

Health & Fitness
  1. Run a 5k
  2. Run a 10k Ran the BAA 10k 6/21/15 (evidence)
  3. Run another half-marathon
  4. Try cross-fit
  5. Take power yoga monthly for at least 6 months
  6. Try pilates
  7. Enjoy green smoothies daily for an entire month
  8. Join a gym Joined December 31, 2013 and only wish I had done so sooner!

  1. Make pasta from scratch
  2. Make [french] macaroons First attempt happened in Dec. 2013 but I'm excited to give it another go!
  3. Make mom’s tiramisu recipe
  4. Maka J’s nana’s apple pie from scratch
  5. Help make homemade raviolis for the holidays L and I had so much fun helping with the raviolis for Christmas 2014 (here)
  6. Try 5 new foods
  7. Try pho (this gets its own because I can't believe I still haven't had it)
  8. Cook dinner every night for an entire month
  9. Make homemade ice cream
  10. Make a carrot cake
  11. [Try to] enjoy a glass of bourbon on the rocks
  12. Start up a Sunday dinner tradition with family

  1. Host a holiday Hosted Easter 4/20/2014.
  2. Host a lobster boil
  3. Host a wine tasting event
  4. Brew beer
  5. Throw a surprise party for someone
  6. Host a housewarming/open house party Housewarming party hosted November 2013
  7. Host an annual cookout (4th of July perhaps?) 3 years strong now on our 4th of July cookout

House & Home
  1. Stencil a room or piece of furniture
  2. Wallpaper a room
  3. Build a new desk for our office (help J do it...)
  4. Sew curtains & pillow covers
  5. Paint all of the rooms in our house (they all need to be...)
  6. Install hardwood floors in the family room (help J do it...)
  7. Build a master bathroom (or hire someone else to do it) Picture post here.
  8. Build a master closet space
  9. Renovate the guest bathroom Reveal post here
  10. Upgrade the back deck Finished in July 2014
  11. Fix the pool area - jets, concrete, pavers Ugh, don't get me started on this one...the jets and liner are fixed...now onto making the space pretty
  12. Paint the kitchen cabinets
  13. Plant a vegetable garden
  14. Plant flowers
  15. And keep said flowers alive for more than one season
  16. Print photos and actually get some frames on the walls/shelves Built 8ft long picture ledges for the family room, they are amazing!
  17. Refinish an old piece of furniture Dining room table refinished! And looks so great.
  18. Reupholster a piece of furniture Dining room chairs reupholstered with a fun, wipe-able (kid friendly!) material
  19. IKEA hack something (if you don’t know, now you know) Nightstands complete (recap here)
  20. Clean out my closet, pare down to the staple pieces
  21. Clean up the laundry area of the basement, make it pretty

  1. Buy a car Purchased 10/26/13 (pic here)
  2. Pay off (some) student loans
  3. Increase my 401k payments
  4. Purchase a DSLR camera
  5. Invest in a tablet - IPad, Samsung...Ipad mini purchased 03/2014
  6. Invest in a great, classic handbag
  7. And maybe a great pair of shoes...

  1. Travel to a state I haven’t visited yet
  2. Travel to Washington DC
  3. Plan a girls trip
  4. Plan a trip with my mom and sister
  5. Travel to Europe
  6. Visit a National Park with J
  7. Take a road trip with J and Tuck
  8. Travel to Hawaii

  1. Re-read the entire Harry Potter series
  2. Read something nonfiction
  3. Re-watch Titanic
  4. Read/watch something that’s never really interested me - Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones - hey, maybe I'll like it!
  5. Get a library card, and use it
  6. Go to the ballet
  7. Go to the theatre Saw Dirty Dancing with my mom - May 2015
  8. Go sailing/boating
  9. Go camping
  10. Go hiking
  11. Get our Morocco trip photos into an album
  12. Get our honeymoon photos into an album
  13. Go to a jazz bar
  14. Attend a music festival
  15. Go to a Patriots game Went to the Pats v Saints game on 10/13/13 - Pats won!!
  16. Plan a staycation One of the best weeks off yet. Took off the week of L's birthday July 2015 and enjoyed every minute of it. (evidence)
  17. Clean out my makeup bag
  18. Find, and wear, the perfect red lipstick
  19. Monogram something
  20. Get a great pair of pajamas
  21. Learn to make the perfect flower arrangements by vase shape/size
  22. Find the perfect gift for someone
  23. Send out greeting cards, just because

Personal [Improvement]
  1. Go to a blogging conference
  2. Learn more html coding
  3. Organize my computer folders/pictures/documents
  4. Take a photography class
  5. Take a cooking class
  6. Attend a speaking event
  7. Get involved in the community
  8. Renew my CPA license when needed June 2014 - that came up quick!
  9. Get a promotion at work Promoted to Associate Director, Tax - March 2015
  10. Find a new church, and go more often than holidays
  11. Find a hobby that helps decrease stress (and gray hairs)
  12. Book a spa day Mirbeau Spa at Pinehills, you are heaven on Earth! 7/23/2015
  13. Learn something new
  14. Be more patient
  15. Have a baby Baby girl was born July 20, 2014 - post to come!
  16. ....And one extra just because....inspire someone else to write their own 101 in 1001.

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