Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Master Bedroom Reveal

I've shared a few pictures of our bedroom already, I know. But mostly to showcase the carpentry finish work we've had to do. And remind myself of how far we've come....

It cracks me up to look back at the befores. At the time, I was a wide-eyed, ambitious, new home owner. But now I totally understand why some people, our parents, thought we were a bit crazy. If I'm being honest though, it really wasn't as bad of a process as it might look. We never felt too overwhelmed. Maybe we just got used to spending our weekends working on our home? I don't know. But if I had to do it again, I would. 

That's not to say we aren't pumped that it's done! Please, sitting on the couch Sunday, enjoying a cup of coffee, and catching Elf on TV...ya, that was awesome. And had yet to happen in the 5+ months since we moved. 

You might recognize these pictures from my old gallery wall in our condo (here). I love having these in our bedroom now. The curtains were an amazing deal from Kirklands, bamboo shades from Home Depot (I am a huge fan of the cordless ones).

We keep it simple with linens. White comforter, white knit blanket, white sheets. Sometimes I get crazy and put dark greys sheets on the bed. But white is easy. The coral pillows are covers I made a couple years ago & the purple pillow is a Homegoods find, also years ago. Repurposing items from our condo is the best! The throw at the end of the bed you may recognize from this post. It is so so soft. 

A post for another day (soon) but we finished the Ikea Rast night stands finally. Woo hoo! And those lamps are from Homegoods. I scrolled back up in this post to see if there was anything I missed. Of course there was....the huge mirror we have is also a purchase from....take a guess. Homegoods ftw. The berber rug with the mirror is from Building 19, the runner rug in the hall is from Target, and the shag rug under our bed is another Homegoods find. Can you tell we've had some luck in there? ha. No, they have no idea who I am. I wish.

Anyways, how'd we do with our to-do list?

  • Install floors - Installed Bruce solid hardwood planks in Oak - Saddle
  • Paint walls - Alpaca by Sherwin Williams
  • Paint ceilings - standard white ceiling paint from HomeDepot
  • Add baseboard molding, window trim - In process done!
  • Add door jam, trim, bi-fold doors to J's closet - carpentry work done, now on the lookout for the perfect door done!
  • Add trim, pocket door to my closet done!
  • Buy/refinish nightstands Ikea Rast nightstands ftw. done!
  • Mount TV done!
  • Add relaxed roman shades - example Went with bamboo shades instead, done!
  • Hang artwork, photos photos hung, but looking for something to hang above our bed still

This summer, I was getting mani/pedi's with my sister-in-law, prepping for weddings we both had. I remember saying how I couldn't wait to just feel settled. And we both agreed it probably wouldn't happen for a while. 

Well, it's happened! Hosting our housewarming party this past weekend really solidified how much work we've done and how little there's left (in terms of big projects). We'll be spending the rest of this year relaxing and enjoying our home. No mas projects! for now...

What do you think?
I'm in no rush really, but I'd love to add some artwork above our bed. I'm also trying to figure out what to do with the rest of our room - by the mirror. Eventually I will probably put a nice chair over there but who knows. Any suggestions? 

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  1. Wow! What an amazing transformation! Beutifully simple, clean and calming...

  2. LOVE it!!!! the hardwoods, the blinds, the curtains...so awesome!!!!! xx


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