Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Gallery Wall Idea: Framed Art

Ever since I saw this article, I've got framed art on the mind. Isn't it amazing?!

Source: Katherine Frey, The Washington Post

What I love about this photo:
  • The gold frames
  • Fresh white walls
  • Different size mats
  • The frames are not in a neat, orderly pattern
  • The art isn't bold

All of the frames are filled with pages from a book. Genius! That makes re-creating a similar gallery much more affordable. I could browse Etsy for days, but at $15-$20 per picture, it adds up real quick. So I looked up the Da'Vinci book Lauren used above and for $14 off Amazon, you've got yourself plenty of options!

We actually snagged a beautiful book of Goya's art from my Grandparents house. Part of me thought, perfect let's use that! But honestly, it's just seems too nice to tear up. And something I'm really drawn to above are the muted colors....not so much with Goya's work.

You might be thinking well even if you save on the art, what about the frames? Couldn't agree more. Frames can add up too. So my plan? Coupons. If you don't already get e-mails from Michaels (and live near one), what's wrong with you? Sign up! I swear, every weekend I get a new e-mail coupon for up to 55% off one item (they'll scan the coupon on your phone at the register). And every time you purchase something, they give you a 40% coupon for your next visit. It's pretty ridiculous if you ask me. So I'll be watching the coupons and sales, and spreading my frame purchases over a few weekends in order to get them a cheap as possible. The Christmas Tree Shop is another great, affordable option for frames. I've been able to purchase separate mats at both stores so I'll definitely be on the lookout for those too. I absolutely love the extra large mats in some of the frames above! And if I decide I want to stick with gold frames, no biggie. A can of spray paint will surely do the trick.

What do you think? Are you on board with a gallery wall filled with art? 
 I sent the link above to J one afternoon for his opinion and got the thumbs up. While we don't have a staircase like this in our home, I'm sure I'll find somewhere to hang a similar gallery wall.

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  1. Those frames are all so inspirational! I feel like there are endless possibilities with frames!


  2. I never would have thought to use pictures from a book in frames, but I love the idea! That wall is beautiful! And I love Michael's and their coupons :)

  3. Loveeee that gallery! Seems like so much work to get all those pictures so straight! Happy to be your newest follower!



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