Monday, November 18, 2013

Guest Bedroom Reveal

I'm back! Not 100% refreshed just yet but getting there. It was one hell of a week over here. All leading up to a housewarming party in our new home this past Saturday. I couldn't be happier with everything we accomplished leading up to the event, or how many great family and friends came over. 

Now that they've had a chance to take a peak at our progress, I'm excited to share more of it on the blog. First up, our guest bedroom. Remember where we started? It's hard to believe it these days!

By July when I shared our to-do list, the guest room was looking a little better...

And, today.

The guestroom got finished last week, finally! It felt so strange, and so great(!), to walk by our guestroom and see furniture in there. 
  • Install finished floors - Installed Bruce solid hardwood planks in Oak - Saddle
  • Paint walls - Westhighland White by Sherwin Williams
  • Paint trim - standard white trim paint from Lowes
  • Paint ceiling - standard white ceiling paint from HomeDepot
  • Add an area rug - very, very happy with this one
  • Add window treatments of some sort
  • Add a bedframe, night stands, bureau inherited from family
  • Add a ceiling fan installed last Friday
  • Hang artwork and a mirror Artwork - Michaels / Mirror - family
  • Create a closet space, currently not even a hanging rod

Doing pretty good with the to-do list if I do say so myself. As mentioned above, all of the furniture was inherited from family, my grandparent's house to be specific. We are incredibly grateful for this.

Since the bed frame was from the 1950's, or earlier, its box spring was ancient. But without it, there were no support slats across the bed frame. Post for another day, but we spent a night cutting new slats to fit the bed frame. I am in love with this spool bed.

The artwork in this room is so simple and I love it. These were clearance posters at Michaels, $3 each. As I scanned the aisles of poster size frames, nothing caught my eye. They were way too bulky for the space. Until I stumbled upon these $2.50 poster hangers. They're nothing special really, but also perfect. You know what they're similar to? Those plastic clips you'd slide over a book report back in the day. Nice and light weight. 

On the bed you might notice two printed pictures. We made a point to print out the disasterous before photos in many of the rooms to showcase the works we've done over the past few months, aka justify our delayed party.

What do you think?
The bed linens are from Homegoods, blanket from Ikea, and my mom made the knit throw. I'd love to add in some color/patterns to the bed next. Any suggestions?


  1. love my new room, looks great! i really love those flamingo prints, and the bed! Oh, and the rug!

    1. Thanks Jack. It's all set to go! Just waiting for some overnight house guests. :)

  2. Beautiful room! where is that fabulous rug from?

    1. Thank you Kerri! It's from - they have insane sales all.the.time - 65-80% regularly - I bet Cyber Monday will be a huge sale!


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