Thursday, September 12, 2013

K&L Tie the Knot!

After a great night with family (wedding recap here and here), we woke up to brunch in the hotel before packing up and heading out. Heading out to another wedding that is! One of J's long-time (high school) friends was getting married and we couldn't have been more excited. We've come to love this couple and just gotten closer over the years. I recapped Krysten's shower here, but the main event was incredible.

It was my first time visiting the Endicott Estate and I loved the charm of it. What a fun venue! While the weather was a little iffy during the day, by the time the wedding started, somebody upstairs was on our side! And even if it had rained, Krysten's glow would have kept us all warm. She was just stunning, with the biggest smile on all night. 

The Ceremony
And I may have caught Lee sniffling. ;)

Krysten's nephew was the ring bearer and was so cute. J and I died when we saw him standing up there so quiet with the bride and groom. Hey, he took his job very seriously!

Husband & wife!


Krysten & Lee used The Candy Jar for their flowers (I have mentioned them many times before, she's amazingly talented!). The purple roses she's able to get are by far my favorite. They are just the perfect shade.

The Reception

I don't even know where to begin with this one. Everyone danced the entire night away. Everyone. From the very first dance, where Krysten and Lee asked other couples to join them, the dance floor remained packed. The band was out of this world. Not just any band, a 10+ piece band with a trombone, saxophone, keyboard, even sound manager! And to top it off, Krysten's dad plays in this band! Although he got to enjoy the evening off, they certainly pulled him onto stage a handful of times to perform. This band was fantastic. Top notch.

Krysten's dad!

The R photo is Krysten's uncle, who is an incredibly talented, well-known saxophonist. He flew in from LA for the wedding, and has his own CD! He was unbelievably good.

Brides performance. Seriously talented family!

Oh we had so much fun celebrating this wedding. The guys with the handsome groom, some of the gals with the gorgeous bride. 

Congratulations Lee & Krysten! What an amazing wedding. We are sooo happy and excited for you two!

xoxo, T

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  1. I love the Endicott Estate! Such a nice place tucked away. Great venue choice!


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