Thursday, September 26, 2013

Portugal v. Brazil

For J's birthday this year, I surprised him with tickets to the friendly FIFA match of Portugal v. Brazil. I have to thank one particular friend for the heads up on these tickets, it was perfect timing!

If you couldn't tell, J's part Portuguese (not first generation, but Portuguese ancestors). And if you know our last name, it's a dead giveaway. It's like Smith in Portugal apparently! 

We were told that the reason they chose MA to hold this friendly match is due to the massive Portuguese population here. I'm really not surprised. There's also a fairly large Brazilian population here too. J was so excited to see his team play. He made sure we got there with plenty of time. And I am so glad he did! My sister sent J this Portugal scarf for his birthday and I got the privilege of wearing the Cristiano Ronaldo jersey I gifted J way back in high school or college....can't remember any more.

These are two of my favorite people. And the reason I knew about the tickets - thanks Denny!

The parking lot was like no other. It was actually my first time at Gillette so I didn't know what to expect. But J assured me it was nothing like the Patriots tailgating. While at a Pats game you hear country music blasting, at a soccer game? Electronic dance music (EDM). And let me tell you, what better way to get pumped up. We couldn't really help but want to dance to the music. I really wish I got a photo of one car in particular parked a few rows over from us- No exaggeration when I tell you he had at least 20 speakers in the bak of his SUV. Insane! And thank god we weren't parked closer. 

Once it was game time we made our way to our seats and watched Portugal score the first goal. GOLLLLLL! Well, it happened to be their only goal. Brazil won 3-1. Boo. But, it really was so fun to watch. These guys are crazy good at soccer.

Go Portugal!

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