Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Bridal Shower Fete - K&L

In addition to the craziness of moving, we've had a few wedding events over here to catch you up on. Read this as, I changed in our storage unit to make it to Krysten's bridal shower on time. Ha. There was no way I was missing this! This group of girls happens to be the girlfriends/fiances/wives of J's good friends but at this point, we're all friends! Love these ladies.

But you'll need to forgive my lack of photos. I kind of failed to really document this day and I'm kicking myself for it. The venue was absolutely gorgeous and the food and drinks were delish. The food was catered by the same company catering Krysten and Lee's wedding and it was amazing. Can't wait for the wedding!

I did snag some photos with my iphone. Aparently phone camera's don't like windows behind the focus of the picture so they're a little blury, boo. But, here's a glimpse into a beautifully done home shower.

This was the first time I've ever played bridal Mad Libs and I have to say, it was hilarious! I highly recommend this. We were given the sheet on the right with little direction first. Just fill it out. Is it sad that we were all taking extra time to make sure we have our adjectives and verbs right? It's been a while since 6th English...

Confession - I snapped this photo for my own personal use. I loooved these floors. And they were the color J and I had been discussing for our new home.

Above these gorgeous floors was a lace ribbon filled with photos of the happy couple. It was adorable. And here's the good lookin' couple now! :) 

The view from my table included a glimpse into this four seasons room filled with a bevy of drink options. Sangria for the win.
 And my seat also included a view of the gifts! Krysten and Lee have some very generous friends and family!
 Not only generous, but talented! Krysten's grandmother made this quilt and it is stunning. I wasn't quick enough to capture the quilt but you can see the front side in the bottom of this photo. So so beautiful. And so sweet! There's nothing better than something made with love, and from you grandmother, can't be beat.

The groom came by halfway through to assist in the gift opening. Good ol' traditions. It's always so fun to see the groom interact with a million and one ladies. Lee did great.

I had to steal this photo from a bridesmaid....thanks Rach! :) The cake was beautiful. It went perfectly with the purple/wine theme.

And lastly, the bridal party. Stunning!

I cannot wait for this wedding! We grew close to these two during our time in the city and have had so many great times. This wedding is going to be an absolute blast. 

Cheers Krysten and Lee! 

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