Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Wedding Weekend in the Mountains

In equal parts sadness and relief, we have wrapped up our 2013 wedding season. This past weekend we headed up to Maine for our final wedding. It was such a great way to end wedding season! J picked me up at noon Friday at work and we jetted off to Sunday River for the weekend.

Although the ride can be long, like I mentioned Monday, the views once you get off the highway are beautiful. They always make us appreciate the natural beauty that surrounds us. They make me want to get all earthy-crunchy, eat local foods, and hike up a mountain! Not that we had the time to do any of that, but attending Bob & Emma's wedding was a little more important.


And the reason we had to get up there the night before the wedding? J officiated the wedding! So attending the rehearsal was an absolute must. Once I saw where Emma & Bob's ceremony would take place, I was so excited. A covered bridge?!! After everyone was comfortable with their part in Bob & Emma's big day, we headed to the rehearsal dinner at the Bethel Inn. What a great place this was too. So quaint.

After partying a little too hard at G&N's wedding rehearsal last month, and wanting to take advantage of the hotel gym Saturday morning, I behaved myself and headed to bed at a reasonable hour. We haven't been to a gym since we moved out of the city and let me tell you, I am still sore! But it felt great to do something other than run for once.

Due to his officiating duties, J had to be ready a little earlier than I did for this wedding. So I took advantage of the empty room to take a few self-timed outfit photos without feeling like a weirdo. I'll be sharing the rest of this wedding season's outfits in the coming weeks!

The Ceremony

I can't think of a more quintessential Maine, mountains, quaint ceremony than this. It was gorgeous. Not only was there a covered bridge but we all were seated within it! The small details were perfect too, birch candles, wispy flowers, an adorable chalk board.

Maybe I'm bias but J did such a great job officiating this wedding. While he remained professional the entire time, there was one slip up during the ceremony - when a wedding ring may have been dropped on the bridge - where J was able to make the crowd laugh (after the ring was safely recovered). There's the J we all love! It's always nice when the groom's father tells you that not only did your husband do a great job, but he might just have a second calling and a second income! ha. But really....can you get on that J, I have a laundry list of expenses you could help out with (see the investments section here).
Mr. & Mrs. !

The Reception

Ok, this was another wedding where I didn't do all that well documenting....Bob and J used to work together and our table was many of J's former co-workers. I didn't think it would be too appropriate of me to be glued to my camera my first time meeting these people. Especially since J still works with them regularly. But man did we have a great night.
 Absolutely loved the mercury glass vases

 The brothers & the groom / Work friends

Well this is a great photo of the newlyweds, other than the photo bomb...Thanks Dan!

Congratulations Emma & Bobby! We were so happy to be apart of your big day. It was absolutely beautiful and we couldn't be more excited for you. 

xoxo, T

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