Thursday, May 24, 2012

Wedding: Up-do's!

I don't have a recipe or fitness post lined up unfortunately. I've been a bit relaxed about the gym/morning workouts since the half-marathon and my cold....and when I don't workout, I tend to lose my healthy eating habits too. It's a bad combination.

But I won't leave you hangin. Instead, let's switch gears to weddings since I missed Wednesdays post! I try to have some fun with my hair when I have a wedding to attend. It gives me a reason to try out a new 'do I wouldn't normally have time for on a typical day.

In April, I found my inspiration from a magazine (here). For the wedding I'm attending this coming weekend, I think I'd like to attempt this simple updo:

I have loved this updo since originally finding it on The Knot back in college. And after being told by a hair stylist that my hair wasn't long enough for it, I hadn't given it too much thought. 

Well, thank you Kate and your amazing blog! I'm pretty sure I'd pinned 10 of Kate's hairstyles before realizing how great her blog was. Step-by-step instructions. Thank you very much!

Kate's simple, chic updo:

And some other up-do's I'm considering for the weddings I am in in June and August (requiring professional help):

All via

The only problem with these, that my sister pointed out, is that blonde hair tends to highlight all of the detail better. The different shades of blonde hair seems to make up-dos really stand out. So we're not sure if it will look the same in our brunette hair. 

Keeping my eyes peeled for some updo examples on a brunette! 

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