Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Hiking the Hills

As I mentioned yesterday, our date night had a part two. For the second part of our date, I decided to take J & Tucker hiking at Blue Hills Reservation.

Although Saturday morning was a little rough after a couple martinis and glasses of wine Friday night...oops....I pulled it together and we got on the road as soon as we could. We took Tucker to the hiking paths at Blue Hills when we first got him in the Fall of 2010 and sadly, haven't been back since!

Tucker- October 2010

And after our shopping spree the weekend before, I wanted to do something fun & free.  It was the perfect opportunity to take the boys hiking. It was also a great opportunity to keep Tucker off his leash for the majority of our hike. This is the first time we've done that and I was definitely nervous at first. But Tucker was awesome- he came if we called him, and never went too far ahead, we were never out of his sight. Even when other dogs came by, he stayed right with us (thank goodness!).This could just be him being a big baby and scared to leave us, but that is just fine with me.

Loving being outside. Kicking up some dirt.
Anyone who's met Tuck knows that his tongue is abnormally large. He's a freakshow, what can I say?
Thankful for his Gulpy
Couldn't have asked for better weather!
J told me he was bouldering....

Final destination on our weekend journey, frozen yogurt at Pinkberry! Peach yogurt with raspberries, blueberries, chocolate chips, and waffle cone for me.
Kiddie original for Tucker
A family that eats frozen yogurt together, stays together :)

Overall, I'd say our weekend together was a success. We tried a new restaurant, got some exercise outside for ourselves and Tuck, ate frozen yogurt, and continued the great weekend with quality time with family and friends Saturday night and Sunday. I am definitely looking forward to another weekend like this one.

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