Monday, May 14, 2012

Weekend Shopping Spree

Oh Monday, how you snuck up on me! Don't do that.

This was our first weekend with no travel or wedding events in a while. So originally, I deemed this the weekend where we'd be able to save a few $$'s. Especially since we would be running our half marathon Saturday. Yep, it was going to be a low key weekend for this couple.

Why is it though, that whenever you have the mental plan to have a quiet weekend and save money, it ends up being one of the most expensive ones?! Seriously? Does that happen to you? Because it ALWAYS happens to me. I should just start planning on spending serious dough on the regular and maybe that will mean it won't happen. Right? I mean, ever have those shopping trips where you have the $$ to spend but just can't find anything worth spending it on? Rare, I know. Hah. But they do happen!

Yes, I will have to start using reverse psychology on my spending habits I suppose.

So what did we purchase you ask?

Well, to start off, we decided to meet my parents at a nearby outdoor shopping mall Saturday night after our race. My dad was going to Jos. A. Banks to buy a suit he will be wearing in my sisters upcoming wedding and had a 65% off suits deal they were extending to him. Since J is in the market for a new suit we figured we'd tag along and hopefully J would find something too. Well, although we found a great suit jacket for J, you could not purchase the suit he wanted in separate sizes. Honestly, what guy has the same jacket and pant size?? I can't believe they still sell suits like that! And unfortunately the business separate suits that they do sell, just weren't what J was looking for. The deal worked out great for my dad, but J was out of luck.

In the same plaza is a Vineyard Vines. My new favorite store recently (dress worn here is Vineyard Vines). I think because their clothes are just my kind of summer style. The weather is warming up and I am so ready for shorts and flip flops! I had to return a pair of shorts that did not fit J well and just happened to find myself a new beach cover-up. Lucky me :)

Isn't the whale's tale print so cute? And I was sold at the purple. Most of my beach cover-ups are tank style dresses aka a lot less conservative than this. I've been thinking about finding something of this style for a while now. So when this caught my eye, I had to have it. And it definitely got me excited for our trip at the end of the summer to Morocco! (*this can be worn at our resort, not in Marrakech though)

Well that was the end of the Saturday spending thankfully. But Sunday, was another story.

First on the list of purchases.....

A Mac Book Pro!!!! I am so excited about this. Isn't she a beauty? I've had the same laptop since the summer before my junior year in college (already 6 years ago..wahh) and it's on its last leg, and also burns my leg if I use it for too long! At my alma mater, Bentley College, a laptop is built into your tuition. You get one upon your arrival freshman year, and then trade that in for a new one before your junior year. That one gets paid off through tuition and taken with you onto the real world (booo). The laptops of many of my college friends have passed on years earlier than mine so I certainly feel like it lead a good life. But, it is time for us to move on.

I will let you know what I think of it once I have time to learn my way around a Mac. Ah, so excited!! 

Be it that Sunday was also Mother's Day, we made our way north to have lunch with J's family. I had taken my mom to brunch last weekend while my sister was in town (which was SO nice). Lucky for us, or J I suppose, his brother lives in a town close to the Kittery Outlets. Pretty sure we have yet to visit without also taking a trip to the outlets....

As I mentioned above, J is on a mission to find a new suit. Oh I had said just on the market? Ya, well after trying suits on Saturday night, that quickly became a new mission. And our luck on Sunday? Success! The Brooks Brothers outlet was running a deal on 2 suits. J was able to find the navy suit with a bit of texture to it he's been looking for. And his brother Dan picked up a new suit too.

J's new suit
 Close up of the fabric of choice

We'll need to have a little tailoring done to it before the pants fit perfectly but it was a great deal. Especially on a Brooks Brothers suit!

Vineyard Vines cover-up + Mac Book Pro + Brooks Brothers suit = so much for saving money. But all well worth the dollars spent really (I'll continue to tell myself).

And because this is finally a Monday Fashion post - a look at my Mother's Day lunch/shopping outfit - 

Top: J.Crew outlet
Shorts: Lobster embroidered J.Crew outlet (close up here)
Shoes: Jack Rogers (via Nordstrom)
Watch: Puma (via Rue La La)
Jewelry: Alex & Ani bracelets, David Yurman ring

Hard to tell from the photo on the right but I declared this weekend a make-up free weekend. After the half marathon Saturday, putting makeup on was the least of my worries when meeting up with my parents. I was more concerned with trying not to walk with a limp!

Not that I wear a ton of makeup as it is (eyeliner & mascara only most days), but it was quite a nice change! I may have to give this one a whirl more often....

How was your weekend? Any exciting purchases??

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