Tuesday, February 21, 2012

President's Day Weekend

What did you do this holiday weekend?

In my former job I would have worked Saturday and not have had Monday as a holiday. Having a 3-day weekend was great. We certainly got a lot done. Here's a taste - 

Went ice skating - I probably hadn't ice skated in 12 years & J just about never. It was a lot of fun and we're planning on going again. The rink in South Boston has free skate Friday nights, only need to pay for rentals. Sweet!

Did a little shopping....
Yep, this happened. President's Weekend = sales galore. I caved, many times. And you know what was great? J was such a trooper. Husband of the Year award right there, never once told me to hurry, or ask if I really needed to go in that store. Simply told me that would look great on you, wow that looks nice, etc. Seriously, LOVE HIM.

And while perusing the mall, I fell in love with two different design elements. Yes, I quickly, inconspicuously snapped these photos.  

1) Contrast wall at Club Monaco  2) Table legs made to look like branches

We finally enjoyed a little caffeine :)
Starbuck's GTL
Like how fancy I just got right there? Just downloaded a free trial of Adobe Lightroom. Loving it!

Celebrated friends' birthdays with a night out - 

I "made" something from my pinterest Creative Cooking board:

As much as I've had trouble eating a full meal since the cleanse, you can't go wrong with tomato,  mozzerella, & fresh basil. So refreshing.

And lastly, Monday we had J's brother Dan & fiance Meg over for breakfast to catch up. And I decided the table needed some spring flowers. Winter isn't coming to Boston this year, there I've said it. It's not, it can't. I won't let it happen. I am way too excited for Spring.
Loving the purple filter on this one

Enjoy the short week my friends!

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