Friday, February 10, 2012

J & A - Cake Tasting

This summer my sister Jackie & her fiance Adrian are getting married near the ocean in Portsmouth, Rhode Island. It is going to be just mahhvelous. They are going the whole nine yards when it comes to making sure their guests have an unforgettable evening. Though I'm not sure the open bar is going to help with

Here's one of their engagement shots -

 And another, with their dog Lola. Yes, those are the "Full House houses" in front of them. They used to live around the corner from what are known as The Painted Ladies. Fun little fact for ya.

Anywhoo, I am very honored to be able to stand by my sister's side on her big day as her Matron of Honor. She was my Maid of Honor back in the day and man did she deserve the MOH of the year award. J and I always knew we wanted a fall wedding, and when our ideal venue was available in the same year J proposed, we jumped at the opportunity. So that meant we had 6 months to plan everything. In all honesty, I'm glad we did it. I would have driven us both insane if I had had 18 months to plan, aka be indecisive for the first 10.... So within those 6 months, Jackie flew home from San Francisco at least 6 times and was by my side for many major decisions.

Jack & I - Oct 2009

Now it's my turn to give her all the love and attention she deserves, and make sure her wedding events are above and beyond what she's expecting. We are hosting her bachelorette party in Charleston, SC and her bridal shower at our parents house. That is all the information I can share right now because a.) that is all the information she knows, and b.) there's a slight possibility of her reading this blog. I will certainly share boatloads of photos and details once the days have passed.

So , last weekend Jackie & Adrian flew in from Charlotte, NC where they now reside, for a dress fitting, cake tasting, food tasting, and florist appt. It was a packed weekend! And lucky me, I was asked to come along for my opinion. Don't need to twist my arm to taste some cake!

So off we went Saturday morning first to the dress fitting. Don't worry, we dropped Adrian off at a nearby cafe. No way jose is he seeing her dress until August 5th! But let me tell you, the dress Jackie chose is to die for. It fits her perfectly, accentuates her great figure, and makes me jealous and excited for her at the same time. It is stunning and she simply glows in it. Unfortunately you'll also need to wait until after August 5th to see any pictures. Total.bummer.

Once the dress was all set we headed home to grab the Mother of the Bride and journeyed on to the cake tasting. Yes, cake first, then food- I know, weird. But that's how the appts had to go. And man o man did they choose an amazing bakery. If you ever find yourself in the little town of Rochester, MA you have got to stop by The Artisan Bake Shop. Her carrot cake cupcake is seriously to die for. Omg, unbelievable. And I was way too focused on the sweets to remember to take any pictures. Whoops!

With more than 200 guests expected at their wedding, J&A were able to have some fun and pick out a bunch of different cupcake flavors paired with yummy frostings. I cannot wait to get my hands on one of those cupcakes!

After the sugar high settled, we headed south to the caterers. There I remembered to take a few photos before the full on food coma set in. I'll leave the food tasting to its own post. This one's already getting a bit lengthy...

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