Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Birchbox: February

My most recent birchbox was a hit! I thought I had already found the perfect curly hair cream, but this month's birchbox proved me wrong.

What did I get?

Let's see, the Tweek hair cream is awesome. My hair seems to be a little curlier with it, but still so soft. It's alcohol and silicone-free which definitely helps keep my hair healthy and frizz free.

When I first opened up this birchbox, I have to admit, I wasn't all that thrilled to see mascara. I'm in love with the Clinique masacaras (these two) and doubt I'll find anything I like better (I've tried). But, I decided I'd give the LashFushion a try when we headed out to a few open houses this past Sunday. Gotta say, I was pleasantly surprised! It won't be replacing Clinique for me, but I've been using it during the week, saving the lash lengthening mascara I have for nights out.

The Juicy Couture perfume is nice! Do I plan to buy the full size? Probably not. But, I like it enough to put the trial size in my travel bag for future uses.

And lastly, the mattifying moisurizer is awesome. It really works! I was telling my sister about it one afternoon and she asked me if it worked. I ran walked quickly to the office bathroom and checked out my skin. No shine! I checked again once home from work, still no shine. W-o-w. The only downfall to this moisturizer? No SPF! Really?! I am definitely not the safest girl on the beach when it comes to SPF, but I do try to wear it daily on my face. So this past week I've used a thin layer of the mattifying moisturizer, a thin layer of my regular Olay moisturizer, and then a thin layer of the Olay CC cream I picked up (and loooove). Thank goodness the weather has been cold and dry, otherwise I think this triple-layer of moisturizer would cause me to have some serious breakouts.

Thank you for another month of great products Birchbox!

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