Monday, February 4, 2013

Serena's Bedroom

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? We had a great weekend of relaxing over here. It was my first full weekend off in quite sometime so J & I took full advantage of it. We made it to the gym, the condo got a deep cleaning, we stopped at a few open houses, and I enjoyed a wine & chocolate tasting party with girlfriends (details to come!). There was also plenty of puppy snuggles going on...

Sidenote - there's nothing better than good old fashion sweatpants. Yoga pants are cool, but as for comfort? thick sweatpants can't be beat.

On to today's home decor idea -

If you watched Gossip Girl back in the day, there's no way you missed Serena's bedroom at the Waldorf residence. Grasscloth accent wall, sunny yellow, and most rememberable? The butterfly art display.

I remember googling the bedroom after the episode ended and looking into who created the art installment. It was just so unique! Did you know it's made of beer cans? Crazy, right! It also probably cost a bajillion dollars....


I haven't thought anymore about this bedroom since J & I moved in together back in 2009. A butterfly bedroom wasn't exactly in the cards anymore. So I was super excited to stumble upon this amazing little girls room! I hope she knows how cool her mom is for designing this for her!!

photos via

I absolutely love the idea of using grasscloth in our future home and will totally keep this idea in mind if when we have a little girl. The warm color and added texture really appeal to me. Hopefully it won't break the bank to use it though. Any design decisions you'd love to incorporate, even if they're a little on the pricier side?

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