Thursday, February 21, 2013

Gym Jams

I'm baaaaack! Whew, it feels really good to be back at the gym. I don't know why I took so much time off, it just sort of happened. And it was incredibly hard to break the cycle of sleeping in. But when J & I sat down for our Valentine's Day meal, we started talking about Lent and what to give up. If I can think of something to better myself, I would rather do that than giving something up just for the heck of it. How does giving up the snooze button sound? Uh-mazing! You are a genious, J.

Sidenote - I am horrible about the snooze button. Legit, I've hit it for an hour many, many times. I don't know why, it just happens. Poor J.

So when I set my alarm for the gym in the morning, I've just got to do it. And damn it feels good (and so sore). 60 days to Florida is also a great motivator for us! 60-day shred baby!

Anyways, what the heck is this post about?! Ah, gym music. I cannot live run without music on the treadmill. Our first workout back at the gym was Monday night. I decided to start out on the treadmill and see how I felt. My goal was to run a 5k. If it was tough, slow down, but no stopping. Honestly, I don't think I could have ran it without my playlist - I felt great, and the upbeat music was the best.

Here are some of my go-to running jams. I should preface this by saying - gym workouts only. Some of this stuff is a bit too intense for me to listen to outside of a good workout, or occasionally when I need to really focus on work. Or the occasional dance party....Oh, and I am loving Calvin Harris lately. His Pandora station rocks my socks when I need a real good pick me up (cleaning, running, focusing on excel for far too long (nerd alert))

Did you picture me as an EDM fan? I know - crazy. But when running, I need something very motivating, and the beat to electronic music seems to keep me going.

J is awesome at finding new music for me so I have to give him credit for many of these (not my boy Calvin though). Let me know if any of these songs find their way onto your workout playlist!

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