Wednesday, February 13, 2013

WIWW: Office Attire

Remember when I mentioned that one of the StitchFix tops I received closely resembled a top I already owned? Well, here she is.

Although my current job is more laid back in the dress code than what I wore in public accounting (read: less button downs, more knits & less skirts, more pants) it's nice to step up my attire once and a while.

Top: Alfani (via Macys)
Skirt: TJMaxx
Tights: Calvin Klein (via Macys)
Black Wedges: Nine West

Do you see why I just couldn't justify keeping that other top? I did love it though. A high waisted, black, pencil skirt is pretty much flattering on everyone. You just can't go wrong. I'm hoping to branch out into some fun, colored pencil skirts this spring. Anyone else counting down the days until warmer weather?...


  1. Ummm yes warm weather please bring it on... just got two new bracelets from Stella and Dot's spring line - can't wait to wear them!

  2. Oooo thanks for the reminder - I have a credit at Stella & Dot! Wohoo! :)


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