Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: Hair & Make-up

This is it! Less than one week until Jackie's wedding! I can't believe it's already here. I also can't believe this lovely couple has been married 3 months, this couple 2 months, and this couple 1 month!

Thank you friends for spreading out your weddings so perfectly. :)

Back in June, when I was in Meg & Dan's wedding, I printed out a bunch of up-do photos for inspiration. Specifically, I showed the hair dresser these two photos and told her to do whatever she wanted.

I loved the front - side part & height - on Kate Middleton but loved the back of the picture on the right.

How'd she do?

I had her fix that piece of hair sticking out in the bottom photo but otherwise, I LOVED this updo. It did not move at all (I'm not kidding...I slept in it and left it for the next day brunch since it looked perfect ha!). And I loved the little bit of height in the front.

I had also had my make-up done by these photos, can you tell? :)

So for this coming weekend, I think I want to change things up a little bit. Meg & Dan's wedding was a church ceremony with silk gowns and tuxes so I wanted a cleaner, more formal updo.

Jackie & Adrian are having an outdoor garden ceremony and the groomsmen will be wearing suits. I'm thinking an updo more like this -

And if you could make me look like Emma Stone, that'd be cool too. I found this photo of makeup that I loooove and look who it is...

Wow. Give me those lashes. As I've mentioned here, I am a huge fan of fake lashes. And I will certainly be using a few in Jackie's wedding. Hard to tell in the photo above, but we all wore extra lashes in Meg's wedding and just loved them. So worth it!

Original source of pictures above: 1) Kate Middleton  2) Braid updo  3) Emma Stone at the Tony Awards 4) Emma Stone makeup


  1. LOOVE Emma Stone's updo! so pretty.

  2. Yes! I love how relaxed it is. Hopefully it works out well!


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