Monday, August 13, 2012

J&A: Rehearsal Day

J&A wedding recap starts now! Annnd, expect it to last all week. :)

How did we start the weekend? With the rehearsal of course.

Because J&A were getting married on Sunday, and because the venue was hosting a Saturday night wedding, the wedding rehearsal was held at noon Saturday. Just enough time for us to get the ceremony down but get out of the way before the set-up for Saturday night's wedding began.

Car loaded and ready to go!

J&A heading out to the ceremony site
View of the venue from the ceremony site. Unreal right?

It was a bit toasty at the rehearsal but we made do. And thank goodness I remembered the ribbon bouquet! How could we have rehearsed without it?!

One of the Jewish traditions J&A incorporated into their ceremony was the seven circles. I had never seen anything like it before and it was beautiful. The bride circles the groom three times, the groom circles the bride three times, and then together the bride & groom walk one more circle together before entering the chuppah. 
With the rehearsal done, we headed over to lunch. Pretty sure half of the wedding party ordered lobster rolls. New England seafood at its best! Jackie & Adrian gave the wedding party their gifts, and we hung out as a small group before heading in separate directions for the remainder of the day. 

Jackie gave us bridesmaids necklaces for the wedding, flip-flops, a framed past photo of us with an opening for a wedding photo, and paid for our make-up. So thoughful! 

The pearl earrings I wore for Jackie's wedding (below) were actually my grandmother's. My mom found them Saturday morning while packing and they were too perfect. It was so nice to have something of hers with us.

She's a natural! This adorable baby was the son of one of the groomsmen. He was sooo stinkin cute! And so happy!

After lunch, the ladies headed out for manicures & pedicures. The bride was very laid back about our nail colors. I actually ended up doing gold toes, which Jackie picked out for me. And I LOVED how they looked. Sorry, no pictures of my gross feet. You can thank me for that.

I don't think your coffee is big enough Mom. Ha. Apparently when you ask for a small coffee at the Dunkin Donuts nearby, they hear it as Extra Large. The coffee needed to two hands!

And to round out the eventful day, Saturday night the parent's of the groom hosted a dinner for the out of town guests. It was so nice to meet many of Adrian's friends and family before the big day. The parents' of the groom gave wonderful speeches.

And a slideshow was played. I have to say, I am so proud of my mom for this slideshow. When she was asked to put together a slideshow of pictures throughout the years of the bride and groom, she knew very little about slideshows. And even less about how to put it together on her new Mac book. Well, the end results included fading in and out of chosen songs, subtitles on pictures, different sections within the slideshow for the couple growing up, family, friends, and the two of them as a couple. It was awesome. Eveyone loved it. Isn't my sister so pretty? 

Bridal party


The boys - for me it's brother-in-law, brother-in-law, husband. We have LOTS of fun memories to come!

And we couldn't bring the bride straight back to the hotel! One last drink, just all the girls, in Newport. We're so classy with our Bud Light cans. Cheers!

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