Thursday, August 16, 2012

J&A: Party Time

Last day of photos from J&A's wedding!! Don't worry, it's not the last day of wedding recap, I just have something else in store for tomorrow.

If you've missed any of the other posts this week, here are some links:

Ok, so you're all caught up? Great!

Family! Jackie & I were in our Aunt Lauren's wedding 20 years ago. And her 3 beautiful daughters were in my wedding 3 years ago. The youngest is Jackie's goddaughter and was Jackie's Jr. Bridesmaid.

More family! Brother-in-laws, Dan's new father-in-law, and my handsome hubby.

Friends forever.

College friends! I have had the pleasure to spend time with these ladies through all of the wedding events, Bentley events, etc and they are an amazing group! Such great friends to have.

Party time!!! 

First dance to Marc Cohn - True Companion

Speech time. Eek! Don't worry, we all nailed it.

Table 1 decor!

The only food picture I got....this salad was delicious.

Chocolate & jordan almond favors. Jordan almonds for our Italian heritage, chocolates because well, who doesn't like chocolate? The stickers on these favors show the design the couple chose to use on their invitations and ceremony programs/fans. "J&A" caught on quick. And I love the simplicity of it.

I was called out to the big tuscan table to find the group serenading J in "Happy Birthday." Although outwardly he showed disdain to it, inwardly he totally loved it.

One more shot of the birthday boy that I adore. How good does that tie look? TMI? ;)

Cupcake time!

I love the father/daughter and mother/son dances. In the weddings I've been to, it shows just how close and important family is. The bride's mom, groom's father and any siblings standing by beaming. It's always a beautiful moment.

 And you know what you follow such touching moments with? The Hora! Oh my goodness was this fun! What a way to start off the dancing at a wedding. You could FEEL the energy, excitement, and love!

I realized halfway through this humid night I didn't have a picture of Jay & I. Humidity = blurry camera lens at times...

And lastly, a shot of the band that had us dancing all night long! They were GREAT. If you're thinking of getting a band for your wedding let me know and I will get the name for you. Highly recommend this group!

Congratulations J&A! I wish you the best and want to thank you for throwing one heck of a party!

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  1. this is an awesome recap Trace. Lovvvved your speech, these pics, and especially LOVED being there! It was truly a beautiful wedding- Jane xoxo


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