Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Summer List

Almost a month ago now J & I put together a list of things we'd like to do before the end of summer. And seriously, where has the time gone? I can't believe we put this list together at the beginning of July!

We've had a lot of commitments this year and cannot believe it's basically August already. And like I mentioned here, we know we're not going to be living in the city forever. So we've decided to make sure we see/do/eat everything/everywhere we want to before that fateful day.

And yes, I realize we'll certainly be able to go out in the city even after we move. But making lists is fun so just go with it. :)

Here's our list so far:

  • ICA - The Institute of Contemporary Art - we originally planned to visit this museum on 7/15 but then found out that Thursday nights you can get in free! So we've decided to reschedule this visit.
  • Dirty Dancing - Movies by Moonlight at the Boston Harbor Hotel - there are a few places in the city that offer outdoor movies for free. Dirty Dancing was a staple in my household growing up and it's crazy to think that J has never seen it!
  • Shakespeare on the Common
  • MFA - Museum of Fine Arts - I haven't been here since high school and I can't believe it. Time to get over there and appreciate the awesome exhibits they have.
  • Dinner at the Raw Bar at the Salty Dog - completed 7/13! This was the first raw bar we went to in the city ages ago. At least 4 years ago, maybe more. And we hadn't been back since. It brought back some great memories.
  • Bike the charles/bike in the city - Hubway - Boston and New Balance partnered to provide bikes throughout the city. You can get a bike at one location and leave it at another. Can't wait to try it!
  • Dinner at Sullivan's at Castle Island - we've lived here 2+ years and I've still never eaten here.....
  • Drinks at Top of the Hub - also haven't been here yet! Crazy, I know...
  • Dinner at Tangierino - a must before our trip!
  • And J doesn't know this yet, he will if he reads this...but I bought a Groupon recently for massages so at some point this summer we'll be getting ourselves a 60 minute massage each! 

So, we've got our work cut out for us. But I think we'll succeed! We've already decided we'll wait and get to the MFA this fall.

Our weekends in August are filling up quickly! Wedding, wedding, Fantasy football draft for J (omg, I can't wait for this to be over and the constant conversations related to draft picks to be done), and lastly a very much needed trip for just the two of us!

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