Friday, August 10, 2012

Birthday Boy

The fun never stops over here! As I've mentioned before, Jackie & Adrian's wedding happened to land on J's birthday.

They were somewhat limited in dates due to work, season preference, and being sensitive to their friends' weddings which fell a few weeks before and another one a few weeks after. So when the idea of hosting their wedding on J's birthday came up, we told them to go for it. Who wouldn't want an open bar, mansion party with their family and friends? :) We are so lucky. J's parents and mine have become great friends over the years so there was never a question of whether or not to invite J's family. And since his brother Dan married Jackie's bridesmaid Meghan (here), we're literally all family anyway! So fun.

So, back to the birthday boy. This kid made out WELL! I took a risk and went for something J did not necessarily ask for but that I knew/hoped he'd love, a new snowboard. J has always had a used snowboard (which is how I started off with skis and I think is a great way to start out in this expensive hobby) but it was really starting to breakdown. And it was really starting to frustrate him. Even to the point of him voicing the option of us retiring from the sport. Uh ya, not happening babe. So I saved the day with this bad boy.

Hmm, I wonder what you've got there?...


How awesome is this board? (I'm talking looks here people...) I know nothing about snowboards. I have to thank one of J's brothers for all of their help with this! I would pick boards out solely based on design before checking the specs and sending them off to be approved. We did good!

So there will be no retiring from skiing/snowboarding over here. Ha! In all honesty, I realized how grateful I am that I grew up skiing. That I went on the church trips, the school trips, the day trips with friends. And I really, really want that for my kiddos someday. And, no, I'm not sticking with it JUST for my future, yet non-existent kids. I do enjoy the sport and am really looking forward to this winter. And who knows, maybe I'll pick up some new skis in the next few years. Hint, hint. :)

J also got some pretty sweet Guy Harvey shirts from some college friends. (If you don't know who that is, J's disappointed in you)

 A homemade, and delcious, funfetti cake!

And things I missed pictures of - a Patriots v. Jets ticket, a giftcard to the Golf Shop in town, a pair of shorts with fly fishing flies embroidered on them (these guys), a Casio G-shock watch, a home beer-brewing kit, and a new pair of snowboarding gloves. How lucky is he?!

He also got some ridiculous cards! Finding birthday cards is usually such a chore to me but it looks like Hallmark and Papyrus have stepped up their game lately! Some worth noting -

  • A singing card where Happy Birthday is sung in burps (right??! haha)
  • A card stating "We considered getting you clothes (on the front) but then remembered you were married to our daughter (inside, picture of an overstuffed closet). Oops! Ha. But hey, at least everyone knows how I feel about clothes. :)
  • A card about gambling which stated something about having "the best birthday ever." This one was perfect because we've been coining Jackie & Adrian's wedding as "the best birthday EVER" for J for the last year. 
  • Oh, and one about being a Godess. ha. Oh ya, that's J! 
It was so nice to take some time Friday after the family photo shoot to celebrate J's birthday with everyone. I just love our big Italian/Portuguese/English family. :)

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