Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A Bridal Shower Brunch

It's official, 2013's wedding season has begun! Remember when I said I had no plans this past weekend? I totally lied (muhaha)! Cait's surprise bridal shower was Saturday and it was such a great event.

First off, Cait's bridesmaids are so incredibly thoughtful! They had the best plans for her. Friday afternoon, Cait came home from work to a bouquet of flowers and a fun little poem telling her to be ready Saturday morning for her bridal shower, her groom-to-be was her chariot. How sweet is that?!

And then, they put all of this together. It was so sweet and well planned.

Caitlin & Luke
Cait asked her bridesmaids to be part of her wedding over homemade donuts.
 Luke asked Cait to marry him over S'mores. Love this!

 Every table had a little sign with a hashtag to use throughout the wedding events to help Caitlin & Luke remember their big day. So fun!

 I have had this pinned forever, I was SO excited to see it done! Use golf tees to "plant" balloons in the grass. Here comes the bride to be!

 I just love this photo. Such pure joy and excitement.

Love these girls! Nothing better than friends forever.

Can I just say that level of excitement Caitlin expressed with every gift she opened was incredible. Cait is one of the sweetest girls I know and her excitement for life is basically contagious. She was so grateful for every single gift she opened, so sincere too!

Did I mention how thoughtful the bridesmaids are? Cait's last gift was a fun poem informing her that this coming weekend we'll be heading out for her bachelorette party! Wahoo! It's at an undisclosed location still so my lips are sealed. But I'll be sharing details afterwards of course. 

Can you tell they're related? ;)
MOB, Bride, MOH, Aunt - looking forward to celebrating this weekend with these lovely ladies!

Bride with some of her bridesmaids - gorgeous!

And one last photo of the bride-to-be.

One month to go before Cait's wedding! I am so excited!! (Check out bridesmaid Amelia's recap here!)

Welcome back to Wedding posts my friends. We're going to have a very fun year. 


  1. This bridal shower is amazing!!!!!! Stunning work by the 'maids!

  2. Aw Trace! This made me tear up! So sweet- this was so fun to read and relive the amazing day! Xoxo

  3. love cait's excitement! i CANT WAIT for the wedding details!!


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