Friday, April 26, 2013

Fun Fact Friday

Hello! I'm back. That was a much needed little break. Sorry to leave you hanging for a week but between Fridays crazy bombing suspect news, our future home inspection, and heading to Florida Saturday-Wednesday, life has been a bit cray.

So what have we been up to/ what's on my mind lately?

1. Oh my word, I made a bad decision in Florida. After 3 days of rain, we were graced by the sun's presence. There was no way I was going to miss out on a few rays. Spray sunscreen on a breezy day...BAD IDEA. Worst sun burn I've ever had. Quite possibly the only sun burn I've ever had. I made sure to use lotion sunscreen from then on but the damage was already done. Praying it will turn to tan and not peel. Any suggestions beyond simply moisturizing?

2. As most of you know, Boston was on lock-down last Friday. This meant I spent the morning working from home. It's kind of funny to see how your pet spends his day. Snuggling when you let him, or passing out in the weirdest positions. Froggy doggy!

3. Speaking of the Boston bombings, guys, The One Fund is at almost $25 million! Possibly even over $25M when you read this. How amazing is that?! We held a luncheon at work to raise money - donate your lunch money to The One Fund and the Company will buy you lunch. It's a great cause and I really hope these victims don't face any medical bills from this tragic event.

4. Let's switch gears a little. As I mentioned last Friday, we had a home inspection at the home we are hoping to buy. And everything went well! Do you know how hard it is to switch my mind off of future home decisions now?! Sooo incredibly hard. What kind of tile do I want in the new bathrooms? What type of flooring should we install upstairs? How should we refinish the deck? I.can't.stop.

5. One low blow.....our offer included all appliances. And no one brought it to our attention that the sellers crossed this off in our offer before they it looks like we'll be adding a few appliances to the shopping list/budget! Womp, womp. Although I didn't love the refrigerator that didn't match, it would certainly do the trick at first. On the bright side, at least I get to pick out what I want now! Has anyone already done this research? What's good? And what should we stay away from?

6.  Speaking of #4 above....I can't get enough magazines. Bought Traditional Home on the flight down, HGTV and House & Home once in Florida, all the while knowing House Beautiful would be waiting for me in the mail at home. I have to say, I think HGTV magazine is my favorite. It's just more "me". A lot of look for less, DIY, small jobs every home owner should know, etc. I think I'm going to have to subscribe to this one, along with House Beautiful, once we move. So many great ideas (and not too many ads like other magazines...)

7. Can I please go back to this? Vacation, good wine, palm trees, no makeup.....
ps- Got this top in a recent online shopping spree at Old Navy and I am so impressed. So soft, fits great, so reasonably priced. I hadn't shopped at Old Navy in quite some time, but everything I purchased fit well! I'll be checking them out more often.

8. Planning to share more details from our recent trip next week. I was even able to finish my book while away. Any good book recommendations? I'm going to get to read a whole lot more during my future commute! :)

9. And I'll share more info on our future home next week too. After losing the home we originally wanted a few months (seriously, thank goodness now!) I've been trying not to get too attached to this house until it's basically set in stone to be ours. I'm getting close though so sharing a few details can't hurt, right? 

10. No plans this weekend. How nice is that?! I'm thinking maybe I should start packing a seems to be flying by lately and I feel like we'll be moving out of the condo before we know it! And man, have we accumulated a whole lot of stuff. 

Have a fantastic weekend! Back to originally scheduled posts next week! 
Promise. :)

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  1. fresh aloe. go get yourself an aloe plant for the burns. mama muriel said that was the best.

  2. Sunburns are the worst. I have had far too many. Lots of advil and keep the lotion in the fridge so it is nice and cool can help!
    Found you at #h54f
    Ann @

    1. Thanks Ann! Such a great idea to keep lotion in the fridge! I will certainly be giving that a try. Thanks for visiting! :)

  3. You looked so relaxed on vacation! I love the One Fund idea. There are so many stores in Boston selling great stuff! Hope your sunburn is feeling better!

    1. It was really nice to get away for a few days. And a good glass of wine never hurts. :)

      Hope you enjoyed your weekend in Boston!


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