Monday, May 20, 2013

Condo Floorplan

One of the things I find so helpful from other bloggers (specifically, home design blogs) is when they put together a floorplan. I just like understanding the flow of rooms and it's much easier to see that in a floorplan over photos of each room. Here's an example (much better than mine below).

While I've shared with you a tour of our condo already, I thought it would be fun to share the layout. For such a little space, I really appreciated the layout of our condo. J could stay up to watch sports and I could head to bed and read without being too disturbed. 

I used for this because it's free and fairly easy to use. I had actually created this plan ages ago, but that was back before I started blogging so I guess it didn't really exist. :)  I attempted to update it to add room names which you can see worked on some rooms but not others. I don't know what my issue was. Obviously the room to the far left is the bedroom, middle room is the kitchen and dining area. 

This plan is not perfect but it's a fairly accurate depiction. Was it helpful? I hope so! 

I am soooo excited to get a floorplan together for our next place. Right now my mind is drowning in choices that need to be made, but hopefully once we get moved in I'll be able to get a floorplan together quickly. I think it will helpful in making certain design decisions. 

We have some major choices to make this week that I cannot wait to share soon. This whole move is starting to get very real. Exciting!

Have a great Monday!

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