Tuesday, April 30, 2013

St. Augustine, FL - 2013

Would you look at that, a Travel Tuesday post at last! The travel bug was really starting to get to me. Our trip to sunny Florida was much needed and long overdue.

Our plans were to spend 5 days at the beach relaxing. Well, mother nature decided to alter that! It rained our first 3 days....whammy.

Here's a photo recap of our vacation away with our parents. Yes, both sets of parents. And I have to say, I'd definitely do it again!

We Ate

Green smoothies in the morning, local fare at night - Shrimp & Grits were ah-mazing! And a stop for frozen yogurt was a must one night. 

We Drank

Swedish Lemonade at The Conch House was my favorite! And cheers to finally seeing the sun! Also, whyyy don't they sell Yuengling in MA yet? J & I both love it and always make sure to enjoy a few when we're out of state.

We Entertained Ourselves When it Rained

J killed us all...

Some of us relaxed....

And when the sun finally came out, we enjoyed every minute of it!

Lastly, and most importantly, we had a great trip spending time with family

take 2...

Although I totally forgot to take any pictures, we did make our way out on to the beach on our last day. It is so relaxing out there. Here are pictures from a previous trip.

Thank you Mom and Dad for hosting us for a wonderful week!

Any travel plans coming up for you? Our next trip will be out to Chicago for a wedding. It will be quick but I'm hoping we can fit in a few tours, tastings, etc. 

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  1. Hi!!

    So happy to find another Boston blogger via Sassy in Sequins! My name is LB and I'm over at LB in Wonderland!

    I love your blog-am officially following along!

    Would love for you to follow me! And we definitely need to plan a Boston blogger date-there are a bunch of us! :)



    1. This all sounds fabulous!! Welcome! And I will definitely be following along with yours. Thanks LB. I would love to get together with other Boston bloggers. :)


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