Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Diamonds in Newport

What better way to spend a weekend than with 19 girlfriends! We had such a good weekend celebrating Caitlin's bachelorette party!

I ended up being the last one to get to Newport thanks to traffic and my phone/GPS dying. Thank goodness I'd done the drive a handful of times last summer for these ladies! Lifesavers. 

Started off the weekend right with one of these gems. Amazing.

While we were all sitting together at a bar, cheering Caitlin on for completing silly bride-to-be tasks, a woman approached with a napkin full of marriage advice. It was so sweet! To top it off, she came back over to say that her husband had passed away and Cait's excitement for marriage inspired her to share her advice. 19 girls in tears immediately. 

Notice the one random guy? Bottom left. That poor soul haha.

Caitlin and Luke will be getting married by one of Cait's family friends who is getting her one-day license. She is Caitlin's mom's best friends and their groups girls call themselves the Taking it Together Sisters (or, take the first letter of each word). Anyways, at the bridal shower she mentioned this to one of Caitlin's bridesmaids who then said, well that means that we are the tits in training. Maryanne loved that. So what did she do, she brought us each one of these rings! How awesome is that?! We wore them all weekend and I am planning to wear it to the wedding. As much as I love my husband, my life would not be complete without great girlfriends. 


Wow, did we luck out with the weather! I was so afraid it would be chilly down on the water but it was seriously gorgeous. Our day started off with coffee and relaxing in the sun before heading to a wine tasting.

The bridesmaids did such a great job organizing a weekend for 19 girls. Other people at the winery were blown away by how many girls came to celebrate with Caitlin. I think we were the biggest party I saw all weekend, totally loved that.

Cheers to Caitlin!

Sisters! Kerri was so sweet and surprised Caitlin with a new wine cork with her soon-to-be monogram

I have to say it, we are one good looking group of ladies!

The Newport Vineyards had many sweet whites and light reds which aren't really my favorite. But their Landot Noir was delicious!

We were that loud group on the wine tour...oops. But you just can't miss photo ops like this!

Saturday Night

One last hurrah! Guests were asked to bring black to wear out Saturday night with Caitlin wearing white. I'll share details on what I wore next week. Big celebrations call for one thing, dirty martinis. Quite fitting if you ask me.

There happened to be a festival for police officers across the country this weekend. Lots of marching bands and bagpipes! They LOVED performing for Cait!

And the restaurant had the craziest fireworks candles ever!

 There were a few speeches made through the meal

 And then more marching band!

We ended the night at The Dockside where Cait was able to add something and simultaneously cross it off her bucket list: mechanical bull riding. Ha. Seriously though, Cait rocked it.

And lastly, what do you do when you run into a close to 7 ft man (I may be exaggerating here...)? Have him carry you! This was one of the tasks Cait had to do throughout the weekend. She was so good about it! 

Thank you to everyone involved with planning such a fun weekend away! Cheers to Caitlin!

3 weeks until the wedding!!


  1. I love love love this post! Even though I don't even know you or your friends. I agree with what you said about needing girlfriends no matter how much you love your significant other. It's totally true! I feel this way about my Boston girlfriends. Always a great time. Sounds like an awesome weekend!

    1. Thanks Emily! Many of the girls I've known since elementary school - crazy! Girlfriend weekends are always so fun, and needed!


  2. What an awesome weekend with friends! I'm in a wedding later this summer and I could totally see us doing something fun like this. And love the elevator pic haha.

    Thanks so much for the follow! Following back :)



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