Friday, May 17, 2013

Fun Fact Friday 5.17.13

Oh, hi! Remember me? 

This week off from blogging was necessary. We're down to less than a week left living in the city! If I wasn't spending the night out with friends, I was home packing, or working late. So I've taken a much needed step back from social media this week. And I hate to admit it, I kinda liked it. Sometimes, it's just needed.

1. We rented ourselves a storage unit close to our future home and have been diligently moving boxes and furniture out. It's been a bit of a nightmare for me....hit my head on the bricks leading out of our basement first - nice tender spot, fell on the deck stairs while bringing the chaise lounge out - fairly large bruise on my rear, bruised knee, bruised hip (no idea why), sore biceps - they are going to be bulging by the end of this!

2. Tied Tucker up at said storage unit while we moved a few things on Mother's Day. Two junkyard pitbulls get through the fence and attack him. No lie, no exaggeration. Scariest moment hands down. Picture my mother-in-law and I screaming at the top of our lungs while an aggressive dog is lunging at Tucker, specifically his neck. Thankfully J was eventually able to grab Tuck and literally lift him into the air. He's completely fine and probably forgot about it within a few minutes but I am totally scarred. And it makes me so sad and frustrated that these dogs are the reason pitbulls get such a bad name.

I don't know what I'd do with out my BFF
Yep, I taught him "kisses." That was my contribution to his training. :)

3. Bank account is starting to feel the pain. We picked up chaise lounge chairs for the pool area and a patio dining set last weekend. And picked out a fridge this week! Now onto flooring, bathroom tiles, washer/dryer, paint, etc. Hey, at least we've got our priorities straight! :) POOL PARTAY!

4. Can somebody please just send me the Property Brothers? Pretty please...

5. Comcast or Verizon Fios? First time I have ever had an option OTHER than Comcast! Part of me wants to go for Fios just because I finally can. Anyone experienced it? Would you recommend it?

6. Wednesday night I came home from work and found a little package addressed to me. Weird, I hadn't ordered anything...and then I realized it was from Larabar! Completely shocked! And super excited. They've sent me 4 of their new alternative protein bars to test out. They still have minimal ingredients which I've always loved about them, but these include pea protein unlike the typical Larabars. I'm really excited to try these, especially because the added protein makes these Altbars more substantial. They should definitely hold me over much longer than an original Larabar.

7. Seriously pollen? You suck. (If you know me well, you know how awkward I feel about writing that last little sentence on my blog. I'm working on my toughness and saying exactly how I feel though. :) ) I've never had seasonal allergies before. And in all honesty I really can't complain compared to how some of you must feel but oh my god, my eyes! I broke down and bought eye drops.

And that's about all I have this week. Yikes, my mind is mush right now. I hope you've all had fantastic weeks.

Any weekend plans? 

More packing over here. But also getting to celebrate a close friend's engagement! And cheering on my mom and aunt as they complete the Avon walk. Go mom and Meg!

Happy Friday! Have a great weekend!

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  1. looks like we both got hit with allergies this year! i don't like it one bit! give tucky a kiss from his auntie!

  2. Woah , surprise bars? I would find myself unconscious with happiness :)
    You've such a lovely dog!
    Noor @ Noor's Place


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