Friday, November 9, 2012

Sneak Peak

Happy Friday! Any plans for the weekend?

J & I are heading to the ski & snowboard expo in Boston tonight to possibly buy J new snowboard bindings. Remember back in August when I bought J a new snowboard for his birthday? Ya, well the snowboard cost me enough $$ so I skipped the bindings ha. I figured we'd have plenty of time until ski season to pick those up. And somehow it's already November. Yikes!

And tomorrow I'm heading to a wine festival with a group of girlfriends. I.can't.wait. Seriously. An afternoon of girl time, plenty of wine, and then dinner reservations to follow. Sounds like the perfect Saturday to me!

Oh, and if you live in the Boston area, you may have seen a deal for BBQ on Living Social this week. Well I jumped at that deal, and so didn't this lovely couple. BBQ and Patriots on Sunday afternoon? Yup, another great day.

And this my friends is why I have to do bootcamp! I would rather eat good food, drink good wine, and exercise daily than to skimp on food to exercise less. It's just my thing.

Anywho - why is this post labeled sneak peak? Well because I'm about to show you a couple peaks at some changes over here.

I am dying to show you our new dining set but it's just not ready yet. The final piece should be here in a week or so. Let's hope! Especially since it was ordered in September. But here's a sneak peak at the chairs we refinished. We as in not only J & I, but also my parents. They are saints and were a huge help! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Aqua & poppy for the win.

And another sneak peak...while in Morocco. J & I decided to treat ourselves to a Moroccan rug. I wasn't sure if we'd use it in the condo or not. I didn't buy it for the condo specifically but knew it would be a great piece to have for years to come. It was one of the first rugs we looked at and just kept going back to it. It was meant to be. (And it's not stained, that just my shadow taking the picture.)

I've was never a huge fan of red decor but apparently that has changed! The key is adding just the right amount of color without over doing it. We'll see if I can master that!

Have a great weekend!

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