Friday, November 16, 2012

Week Recap

1. Sorry for the lack of posts this week. I have a confession to make....I am obsessed with Homeland! Seriously, so good. Everyone told me how good it was and that I had to watch it, so I've finally done so. It's addicting! I've watched 8 of the first season's episodes this week. More TV than I've ever watched in a week for sure. But I can't help it! So good.

2. What else is going on over here? Well, I kept up with the Best Body Bootcamp as much as possible. This week was tough for me. Not exactly physically, more mentally. I had the HARDEST time getting out of bed early for workouts. With the colder weather, all I wanted to do was stay curled up under the covers for an extra hour. I have got to get over that, night workouts just don't happen that often for me.

Like I mentioned last week, I am loving the longer cardio intervals. It certainly makes me feel like I'm back in shape. And I've done more pushups in the past 4 weeks than I probably did the rest of this year. I am going to be JACKED by Christmas. Just kidding. :) But seriously, these arms better be real toned. Tina tweeted recently about burpees next week. Ugh, I'm going to die. Is it sick that I'm kind of looking forward to that exhausting feeling after a great workout? It's just so satisfying.

3. The biggest purchase of our new dining set is getting delivered today. I can't wait to see it!!! Thank goodness J works from home when needed because they gave us a 4 hour window. Seriously?! Originally they were supposed to come Monday but J has been traveling quite a bit so I asked him to make Friday an office day. You know they're going to come at the end of the 4 hours too.....when do they not? I'll share details next week!

4. Because this post is otherwise picture less, here's one of my baby boy. He's back into neighborhood watch mode. It's hilarious. I catch him up there all the time now, even first thing in the morning. When J's out of town for the night I just love this. I tell myself Tucker is keeping me safe. Such a sweet boy!

Do you like my faux Roman shade? I have one more to make....made this one a year ago (oops). So maybe someday I'll share my method with you.

Ok fine, twist my's 2 more pictures of Tuck. Sorry if you're not a fan of dogs. This little guy is my spoiled rotten child, and will be for the next year or two. He hates the vacuum so he moved to the kitchen while J vacuumed the living room. But then J took too long, and Tuck had to get back to napping so the hardwood floor in the kitchen had to do. #whatafreak. #beabull_love

Sorry if I just waisted 5 minutes of your day filling you in on a whole lot of nothing. This week seemed to fly by!

Have a great weekend!

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