Monday, November 26, 2012

DIY: New Kitchen Table

It's time to share with you our new kitchen table & chairs. There is one more thing I'd like to add in the future, but I can't wait any longer to show you what we did.

We've had J's college bar height table and stools since we moved here. And we had it in our apartment before. And I had it at my apartment out of school with girlfriends. It is a great table that we certainly loved, but I've wanted something different since we moved here. Time to replace the final college furnishing! But I never wanted to spend a ton of money on something that may not fit in our next home.

Well when I saw this inspiration photo, I had to figure something out. Fast too! Enter Craigslist. My new best friend.

$75 for a "let's see what happens" DIY project, yes please! And thank you Mom for taking me to pick this gem up. We looked pretty awesome in our van. Ha.

Day 1 included cleaning, priming, and spray painting the chairs. I plan to share more details later this week as to exactly what we did but here's a quick highlight.

This project was trying, very trying. And it definitely made us think outside the box at times. Like, how the heck do you recane a chair?! Oh ya, we figured it out. Probably not the "right" way but that is totally fine with me!

After many weekends of working on this project, it is so nice to say it's done. Looking pretty different than before huh? I am so proud of our first DIY project! 
We purchased the bench from Ballard Designs - the Coventry Bench - and LOVE it. It is my go-to seat in our kitchen now. So comfortable. Great place to blog from too. :) The pillow is pulled in from the living room for now, but I have my eye out for something new.

It was definitely strange at first to see a chair height table in our place after so many years with a high table. But it didn't take long to get used to it. The chairs swivel and are so comfortable to sit back in, with your feet actually touching the floor! 

In time, most likely after the holidays, I'd like to order a glass top for the table to protect it. And also because I think the glossy top will look great.

And lastly, at some point, probably Spring, we plan to paint this room. I knew even before we put the off-white bench in that it would look great against a gray or white wall, not the minty-green our place came painted as. The one room we haven't touched yet. There is A LOT to paint....but it must be done.

Stay tuned for more details of our process for re-vamping these chairs! It was definitely a learning experience. 

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