Thursday, November 1, 2012

Best Body Bootcamp: Week 2

Still going strong. More like, still getting strong!

Week 2 is going great. Better than Week 1 actually. I'm really not sure what happened last week but I found myself getting very lightheaded, very quickly. It was strange and frustrating, but I also knew I needed to listen to my body. I didn't push it too hard and used a lighter weight than I may normally so that I could finish the sets.

This week, I've increased the weight a little and speeded up my interval workouts. That was tough! But so worth it. It feels so great to be working out hard again.

I decided to write down my measurements to see if there are any differences at the end of the 8 weeks. No I will NOT be sharing those numbers. But I do intend to share my results at the end. Sound good? Good.

Like I mentioned last week, the Best Body Bootcamp switches up the workouts everyday to include various supersets, cardio intervals, steady cardio, planks, and full body unilateral workouts. I'm not going to share too many details because well I did pay for this session. And it wouldn't be fair to Tina now would it?

But I will say, if ANY of you can do this Scorpion move, well than I am EXTREMELY impressed! I should probably tape myself attempting this one to give you all a good laugh. I have no core strength, which I knew, but at the same time was super surprised at how hard this move is for me.

The workouts change every two weeks so I'm eager to see what new moves I'll be attempting next week. Wish me luck!!

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