Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Doggy Days

With no recent trips out of the state/country, you lovely folks get to see our trip to a new park! Ironically, it happens to be the park closest to our condo yet we've always walked farther to the more specific dog parks.

In the 2+ years since J and I have lived in our condo, I have never ventured to this park! Shame on me, as you'll see momentarily it has amazing views of the city.

Should we not laugh when Tuck is exhausted from hardly running around? Oopsie

 Crazy tongue

 What a view!

My boys <3

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  1. Right away I knew where you were in these pictures. During my junior year of high school,the former South Boston High School, my art class would be out in this same park, drawing. And with the classroom on the third and top floor of the building we were able to paint beautiful panoramic views of both the harbor and city! Mrs. Mahoney my art teacher was a wonderfully talented woman...


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