Friday, July 27, 2012

Fun Fact Friday

It's been a while since I did one of these!

Just a few fun facts to start off the weekend. (And because I don't have many new photos to share...)

1. The Olympics "officially" start tonight!!!!! I use the term officially lightly since they've technically already started (wtf?!) and I came across womens synchronized diving the other night. What's your favorite sport to watch? Mine is easily women's gymnastics.

2. Tonight I went wedding dress shopping with two close friends followed by dinner & drinks. It was so great to catch up. When we said goodbye, I loved that I only needed to walk a couple blocks to the bus stop to get me home. And as much as I loved that, it oddly made me sad tonight... Knowing that at some point, I will not be living in the city anymore. It won't happen tomorrow, but it will happen in the next couple years. Lately, it has really hit home just how much I love where we currently live - and how much I take for granted being able to walk to the grocery store, post office, bank, coffee shop, bar, etc. 

On a happier note, when I got home I had some pretty great news in the mail....which totally caught me by surprise...

3. I am officially a CPA!!! Even though I passed the exams 3 years ago, I still needed to finish my masters degree. And working full-time definitely delayed that process.... (and thank you MacBook for your easy editing tools. I left the Tracey L. C so you can see that I am not lying in my blog name, the initials really are TLC. And yes, you can be jealous.)

4. This weekend I NEED to go pick up my car. You see, I dropped it off for service last weekend with the intentions of picking it up....and then I just did NOT feel like going to get it. Parking is a nightmare Sunday nights, so why bother? I've been carless for a week and haven't even minded. Definitely something to think about.... honestly, who am I kidding, I can't imagine really being carless but it has been nice not to worry about what side of the street my car is parked on for street cleaning days. Since it's so old that there's no car payment on it, it doesn't really matter. If I was paying for it, that'd be another story.

5. J's birthday is next Sunday. Yikes! Gotta finish up the birthday shopping this weekend. I think there's another big event next Sunday but it seems to be slipping my mind right now. ;)

6. I think I'd like to go golfing this weekend if there's time. I gotta go test out the new golf outfit! I'm really hoping I play as well as I did last time we played because I had so much fun. Otherwise, I'm afraid I'll hate the sport again. I am not good at just enjoying myself when I'm not playing a sport well. Who is really? 

7. I tried really hard not to spend $$ on dinners this week on nights we were home. It always amazes me what we're able to cook up when there is "nothing to eat in the house." Tuesday night was a late dinner since I decided to go running but was still delicious nevertheless! Oatmeal with coconut flakes, almond butter, dry roasted peanuts, chocolate chips, and almond milk. Guess it was more like dinner/dessert in one but no biggie. I certainly didn't mind! 

Wednesday was quinoa in veg. stock with onion, garlic, frozen spinach, green beans, tomato paste, and parmesan cheese. So good! Dessert of dry oats rolled in almond butter and coconut flakes, chocolate chips, more coconut flakes, peanut butter, and almond milk. And to think we had nothing to eat?!! 

This is our last weekend for a little while with close to no plans. It sure has been nice to relax. But I'm ready for the next few big weekends. They involve A LOT of family and friends and I cannot wait. More details to come, don't you worry. :)

But for now, have a fabulous weekend friends!

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