Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A Bridal Brunch for J&A

Moving right along with wedding week! Missed the first two days? No worries check them out here:

Now that I have filled you in on the wedding we attended Memorial Day Weekend, on to this past weekend's bridal shower! 

From the beginning, Jackie always wanted to have a shower at my parent's house. I absolutely loved this idea. And it was actually doable since we would only really be hosting half of the invited women. The other half will be enjoying a shower out on the west coast next month, where Adrian's family resides, as well as the couples combined friends from their years in San Francisco. So a bridal brunch at my parent's house it was! Thanks again mom!!

Not only did having a home shower allow us bridesmaids to choose the decor, it also meant my mother was able to show off her fabulous cooking skills. No exaggeration here. Gourmet meals are her normal. Want an example? The night before the shower she hosted Adrian's parents for dinner to welcome them to the area. Want to know what an easy dinner for 9 is to her? Lamb shanks. Right?! Take a look.

Braised lamb shanks with a root vegetable mash and roasted asparagus. Followed by homemade tiramisu.... I think I gained 5 lbs that night...and it was worth it

With that said, on to the shower!

Our Menu

White Sangria
Chilled Water with lemon
Coffee - regular & decaf

Deviled Eggs
Fresh Berry French Toast Casserole
Vegetable Egg Bake
Spinach & Strawberry salad
Baked Ham
Fruit Salad
Fresh rolls
Banana Bread

Lemon & Lime tarts
Raspberry Squares
Mini Eclairs - vanilla, chocolate, & coffee
French Maccaroons - pistachio & oreo


 I am in love with the tablecloths we found and hope we have another reason to use them soon!
 There's nothing better than a monogrammed gift :)
 Soon enough their wedding picture will join the ranks!

The Gifts & Games

Thank you Mother Nature for cooperating for the 4 hour duration of our outdoor shower!
My mom decided to make the little girls goodie bags which included these adorable headbands. Ella & Brielle looked adorable!
 Like I've written about before, we had Jackie & Adrian play a fun game about how much they may have in common/know about each other. I cannot take ANY credit for this. I owe it all to my good friends who hosted this bridal shower. It was SO much fun, we had to recreate it (here too)

Question: What are you most excited for on your wedding day?
Jackie: Walking down the aisle
Adrian: Having all of our family and friends watch me marry my best friend
I totally teared up with that one!
 These lovely ladies did a great job building Jackie's ribbon bouquet!

Family & Friends


Jackie with 3 of her 4 bridesmaids (the 4th lives on the west coast)
 Mom and her daughters
 Jackie with her future mother-in-law and our mom
 We're not related at all....
3 generations, with the 4th (also girls) running around
 Jackie's awesome girlfriends. So much fun in Charleston together (here and here).
 Adrian's east coast family!
 Lovely ladies!

And lastly, because I think they deserve their own attention in this amazing are these peonies we were able to get?! I'm in love. Same florist as the wedding posts earlier this week!

I hope you enjoyed your shower Jack, as much as we enjoyed throwing it for you! I can't thank all of our family & friends enough- thank you for your help throughout the shower, your wonderful gifts for Jackie & Adrian, and most importantly, your love & support! 

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