Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Viva Forever!

Oh myyyyy did you see the news???! Spice Girls, the musical! Ah! Yes, I'll say it again, SPICE GIRLS, THE MUSICAL!

Do you have any idea how excited that makes me? J & I happened to catch part of the Justin Bieber special on last week and were laughing at how upset those teenage girls get when they see him drive by, walk by, etc. Sorry, is that insensitive?

And I was telling him how I didn't get how girls got so crazy about bands/artists. Welllll, I guess I kind of do get it. If I get the chance to see this musical, there may be tears.

Let's take a trip down memory lane shall we?


6th grade. From the minute we heard the Spice Girls "Wannabe," we were hooked! In love. Played the song on repeat all day, every day. And when a bff's big sister made up a dance to the song, omg you better believe we memorized it and performed it daily. It became "our thing" to even perform this dance at the town dances, in the front yard with friends, and like I said, wherever possible. Oh.the.memories.

I guess I'm lucky photos from 6th grade are not digital....

Summer 1998

The Spice Girls went on world tour and lucky for me, performed at a venue here in the Boston area. Somehow, I got the opportunity to go with my softball coach's wife and their daughters. Is that weird? I'm thinking it is now. At the time though? Totally normal. 

I made SURE to get my Spice Girls T-shirt at the mall so that I would look ridiculously cool at the concert. And I'm pretty sure I then used that shirt at soccer camp, practices, etc so people knew my love of those ladies.

I would go on to live my life without them when the group broke-up, but I still listened to their music, sang & danced to it with the girls in high school, and even with my college roommates. Those ladies never get old! So when their reunion tour was announced, you better believe I was all over that presale!

Fall 2007

Got myself 4 tickets to the upcoming Spice Girls reunion show! Even though I was visiting my sister in San Francisco during the presale, it didn't matter. I HAD to get tickets!

Winter 2007

Spice Girls reunion tour!!! Unbelievable concert with great friends. It was bittersweet to go to this concert with one of my oldest friends. The girl I spent years loving the Spice Girls with, loving music in general with, and making up crazy dances to every song we heard on the radio. We had sooo much fun!

October 2009

J & I got married! And during all the planning, guess what I did? I made sure to discuss the Spice Girls with our DJ! ha. Yes, I realize that by 2009, not everyone is a fan of these lovely ladies so I made sure our DJ & I were on the same page aka I told him "Wannabe" better be in his line-up. Don't worry, I said it sweetly.  And, even better I had that same good friend by my side then.

So in my eyes, the Spice Girls only mean good things - good friends, good memories, and helluva good dance parties!

I am seriously hoping this musical makes its way to the US. But if not, I maaay just need to bump up the trip I'd like to take someday to London!

What's your favorite Spice Girls song?? I basically love all of them really ha.

Girl Power!

(sorry, I had to)

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  1. Love you Tracey! I have tears as I recall those days! I so wish we had video of you girls dancing, but it is truly imbedded in my memories! You have written your memories and friendship with Lauren so beautifully! Very special. Xoxo. Jane


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