Thursday, June 21, 2012

Newport's Finest

This past weekend we jetted off to Newport, RI to celebrate Meg's bachelorette party. If you've never been to Newport, you have got to get down there! Right on the water, great shopping, great restaurants, what more could you ask for?!

We were so lucky to find a weekend rental for the bash and could not have asked for better weather.

To start, here's a quick tour of the house I snapped after Jackie & I got down there earlier to put up a few decorations and fill the fridge (very important stuff I tell ya)....

 From the outdoor space, you walk in to the kitchen
 Which had this cute side pantry off of it
Bathroom #1 off the kitchen

 Kitchen through the door on the left, second dining room straight ahead?
 Sitting rooms #1 and #2
 Let's head upstairs, shall we?
 Bedroom #1
 Crazy huge bathroom (#2) with doors to 2 bedrooms
 Bedroom #2  the bride to be's suite!
 Bedroom #3 across the hall....and those double doors lead to the next photo
 A hallway on the side of the house to get to more rooms! How crazy is that?!
 Bedroom #4, Bathroom #3 through the right door
 Up the stairs to the third floor of rooms....lovely runner choice I must say
 Bedroom #5 where Jack & I stayed...there were 2 twin beds
 Bedroom #6
 Bathroom #4....a teensy tiny bathroom....but wait for it....
 A shower with a skylight! It felt like you were showering outside. I loved it.

So, with such a splendid place to eat & sleep, we made sure to do just that.

Somebody may have grabbed the wrong shot glasses...haha. Hey, they still served their purpose!
And what's the best way to carry shot glasses you may ask, with a frying pan of course. 
Cheers Meg!
I spy with my little eye.....someone dancing on their chair

Day #2's post to follow tomorrow! I pinky swear.

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