Friday, March 23, 2012


Any good plans for the weekend?

HAHA. If only....

I'm hoping to see the Hunger Games Sunday if I can. Anyone see the midnight showing?? How was it?? I AM DYING TO KNOW!

I'm sorry, I turned Twilight off less than 20 minutes into the movie after loving the books so I am pretty anxious to know how this movie is. Anyone else think Kristen Stewart needs to find a new career? She killlllss me. Don't believe me? Watch Adventureland. Same monotone voice and droopy eyes.

More importantly though!

This weekend I have a bridal shower and 2 birthday dinners. I can't wait! So ya, this happened at lunch yesterday.... :). Anyone else ever relieved to get home before your husband/fiance/boyfriend so you can put the packages away and gently tell them you did a little shopping? HA! I know some of you do this!

Dress & belts are from the Gap. Skirt and Top are from Ann Taylor LOFT.

I'm thinking the long sleeve dress for the bridal shower and the orange skirt to one of the b-day dinners. Not going to lie, I have J to thank for this orange skirt. No not MY J, J from J's Everyday Fashion. I recently stumbled upon her blog and LOVE it! (I added her to my blog list- check it out) She has some great ideas for outfits. She's wearing this skirt here. Love it.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Trace! I LOVE your blog! I feel like such a sneak always reading it and not commenting so i did! {and Happy Birthday today!} LOVE both those outfits, orange has been my faaaav lately. might have to do some lunchtime shopping of my own today. thanks for the inspiration;)


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