Monday, March 5, 2012

Conquered Closet

This weekend was one of those weekends I just needed to clean. And I needed to deep clean something. Our place has become quite cluttered lately and I just couldn't take it anymore. Anyone with a pet that sheds knows how quickly their hair can pile up on the floors. And having been away last weekend in NYC, our place needed a GOOD sweep, vacuum, and steam clean. Anyone else have one of those new(er) steam cleaners? My mom gifted us a Shark steam mop & vacuum when we first bought our place and we absolutely love it. So when it died recently after 2 years, and I replaced it IMMEDIATELY with a new one. Our place is small and with all hardwood floors, the steam mop is the perfect solution for cleaning. 

Once the floors were done, I moved onto a project I've needed to do for a while out my side of the closet. I am awful at getting rid of clothes. AWFUL. I find reasons to hold onto clothes just in case. But they hardly ever never get worn. Never. Ever. The extra clothes just continue to sit in the closet.

So, I decided it was time to take everything out and slowly put back what I actually wear. Not gonna lie, I definitely snuck a few "just in case" pieces back in, but I also rid myself of a ton.

A few before photos of our closet - 

And, all the clothes out of the closet - 

And post closet cleanup - 

I tried to keep track of what I decided to give away but lost track after 7 dresses, 3 blazers, and 3 work pants. I also realized I have a tendency to "replace" items but then never get rid of the original. Like, why do I have 5 gray cardigans?? And apparently black pants were a HUGE hit in public accounting because I had 5 pairs of those.... 

Here is the aftermath that will be heading to Goodwill - 

So glad that is over with....who wants to take a guess at how long it will take me to get these bags over to Goodwill??

Truth - I'm somehow able to get items out to my car but then take FOREVER to drive them to Goodwill. It's awful. Maybe calling myself out like this will help me get there quicker!


  1. i was inspired by your post and bought myself a steam cleaner today! can' wait to use it this weekend. it seems impossible to keep the floors clean with a dog!

  2. Do you have all hardwood floors in your place? I can't remember. If you do, we bought a bottle of murphys oil and a spray bottle and keep a mixture of diluted murphys oil ready to go. Makes it even easier to clean! :)


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